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Happy Holidays! As the busy Holiday season approaches, remember that Women's Council is your connection to the top professionals in real estate, as well as great education and opportunities to promote your business online through your free Member Expertise Profile in the Referral Center. In today's ever-changing market, we strive to give you the networking, business-building resources and support you need. Thank you for your continued membership and being the best in the business!
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Meet the President: Heather Ozur, PMN

Meet our 2019 National President, Heather Ozur. Learn how she got started in Women's Council, what her goals are for 2019, and how she finds time for herself.
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Officer Blog: 2018 Recap

2018 has been an extraordinary year and not one I will soon forget. As I have traveled the country and met with the members, I am humbled by how much each of you give to The Council and to one another.
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Are You A Contentaholic?

Obesity is a touchy subject, perhaps a taboo one. Even so, it demands discussion. Oh, but don’t worry. I’m not talking about the kind of obesity detected by your scale or calipers. I’m talking about content obesity which has increased over recent years as information has become more readily available and widespread. Have you considered if your business would greatly benefit from going on a content diet to shut down information overload?
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How to Keep in Contact with Past Clients Without Becoming a Nuisance (Sponsored Content)

Closing a transaction shouldn’t be the end of a client relationship. To maintain contact with clients, you have to strategize ways to stay in your clients’ lives and keep in touch without becoming a pest. Take a look at these tips from American Home Shield® @teamahs, to do just that.
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Empowering Your L.I.O.N.E.S.S. Pride

We all know stories of women supporting one another. We also all know stories of “that woman” who didn’t support another woman. The problem is – the second set of stories is so much more provocative, that those tend to get all of the press and sadly, more of our mind space.
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Authenticity is the Key to Success for Women

I had the honor of speaking at the Women’s Council of REALTORS® National Conference. It was a high energy learning environment. Many of the participants were eager to learn about a leadership model that is intuitive to how women step into their power.
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New 3-Year Strategic Plan Approved

Take a peek at what The Council's new strategic plan means for you.
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National Conference Highlights

The National Conference in Boston was filled with fast-paced education sessions to improve your business, as well as leadership tools for network leaders, and our annual Inaugural Gala! Check out the highlights from this exciting event.
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