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Five Principles to Transform Your Life and Business

by Cindy Bostick

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Most experienced REALTORS® know that a systemized approach – including a system for each aspect of your business – is essential to creating a top-producing team. Thanks to extraordinary teachers, coaches and trainers in our industry, you really do have access to all of the tools you need to build a great real estate business. 

Being a successful lead generator is just one of many roles you play in real estate. If you look at your life from the perspective of all your different roles, it provides an excellent way of integrating every aspect – with you and your values at center stage. Some additional roles you may be playing include partner, daughter, parent and volunteer. 

Understanding your roles, as well as being honest with yourself about how satisfied you are with each role, is essential as you work through the process of making the next 12 months your best. Making lasting change will involve the principles of transformation.

The following five principles hold the key to achieving the results you most want and need in your life. You probably already know these, but are you practicing them?

  1. Make peace with the past.
  2. Learn your lessons.
  3. Empower yourself.
  4. Align your life and goals with your values.
  5. Transform S.M.A.R.T. goals into "heart" goals.

Make Peace with the Past

This is a big one. Take the time to review your results over the past 12 months. Reflect on what you accomplished. List everything you did well and everything you’re proud of. It's important to remember to appreciate yourself, because acknowledging success refuels our enthusiasm and commitment. 

What were your disappointments? Most of us find it easier to remember the bad news rather than the good. What was hurtful or disappointing to you? 

I've heard REALTORS® describe the past 12 months as their "worst year ever." According to Best Year Yet author Jinny Ditzler, “You might wonder why you should bother with this stuff. It's the last thing you want to think about. We believe it's easier to move ahead if we admit our mistakes and disappointments and see them for what they are. Everybody makes mistakes, but the most successful people are the ones who can learn from their disappointments and move on."

Learn Your Lessons

As you reflect on successes and disappointments of the past 12 months, think about what you learned. These can be new skills or abilities or major life lessons. 

How did I achieve that important goal? Or, in the case of a disappointment, how could I have avoided that failure? It’s important to understand our lessons and then use them as guidelines moving forward. 

I’d like to share a true story with you. Lynda, a REALTOR® in Southern California, was a member of a top-producing team in her office two years ago. Her escrow experience, coupled with REO and short sales training, made her an invaluable asset as assistant to the leader on the team. 

Lynda was paid by salary with bonus opportunities. Over time, she yearned to move on and build her own business. During a goal-setting workshop while Lynda was still on the team, she worked through the Five Principles and realized that until she began to live her personal values rather than someone else’s, she would continue to be discouraged in her career and personal life. 

This was a huge lesson for Lynda, and she made the decision to move on and launch her own business. This past February, Lynda closed a $1.3 million transaction. The median price point of homes in her area is just $125,000. Lynda and her business partner consistently retain an average listing inventory of more than 25 properties.

Empower Yourself

What you focus on is what you get. Some of the more common limiting beliefs I’ve heard include: 

  • My business is at the mercy of the banks.
  • I didn't graduate from college.
  • I'm not smart enough.
  • I'm having a difficult time staying positive.

Betty Mahalik, author of Living a Five Star Life, nails it when she writes, "Whether it's a mood, a behavior, a closet full of clothes you don't wear, whatever you're holding onto, make no mistake, it is holding onto you! And the more stuff – emotional, physical, mental or spiritual – that’s weighing you down, the less progress you’re making toward things that are really important in your life. Take a huge leap forward by looking behind and inside you to see what’s dragging you down. You might be surprised at what you find."

Align Your Life and Goals with Your Values

Super Bowl XLI Coach Tony Dungy discusses character in his bestseller, Uncommon. “Character is tested, revealed and further developed by the decisions we make in the most challenging times,” he writes “That is how character is developed – by facing those decisions and choosing the right way over and over until it becomes second nature.”

Transform S.M.A.R.T. Goals into Heart Goals

So, what's a S.M.A.R.T. goal? It's specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time bound.

What about the "heart" part? Do you feel the passion and excitement that is a result of achieving your goals? If the answer is "yes," then you are on the right track.

"You see, we're all on a journey, whether we know it or not. We are traveling inevitably toward the ends of our lives. So the real question is whether we're going to select a destination and steer a course for it, or allow ourselves to be swept along with the tide, letting others determine where we’ll end up. The choice is entirely up to us," according to leadership expert John C. Maxwell.

Cindy Bostick is a certified Best Year Yet Partner and Business/Life Coach. She is a real estate broker associate with Keller Williams Realty in California and president-elect of the Victor Valley Chapter of Women’s Council. In early 2010, Cindy transitioned from managing a large, profitable real estate office to focusing on coaching individuals and teams to achieve the results they most want and need in their lives. She can be reached at 760-953-1269 or cindy.bostick@bestyearyet.com.

Learn more about Cindy’s Best Year Yet plan by clicking here.  

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