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Success Journal: 10 to Win

Margo Wheeler Willis

Who Are Your 10?

As I thought of a topic to write about, I realized there are many individuals I owe a debt of gratitude for helping me succeed.

I believe my personal and professional success and the goals I've set and achieved – even the manner in which I provide service to my clients – have been profoundly impacted by individuals who I’ve met as a member of Women’s Council.  

At Women's Council, one of our core values is the power of relationships. These relationships empower and inspire us.  I'll share some of mine with you – my personal "power of 10." Who are in your 10?

Positive People

These are improving economic times (the glass is half full). However, if I let "stinking thinking" about market conditions creep in to my mind, I often reach out to connect with two of the most positive and productive professionals I know, Gail Hartnett and Julie DeLorenzo. These ladies have inspired other real estate professionals around them, and they continue to have successful businesses of their own, give back to our industry and still keep their families and friends first.

Innovators and Thought Leaders

Encouraging us to use new and cutting edge technology and coaching us to push our mental limits, national trainers Amy Chorew and Debbie Battersby are a blessing to include as part of my 10. They are both thought leaders in our industry, whose insight and expertise many of us have enjoyed.

Fresh and Fabulous

"Been there, done that, got the T-shirt" thinking is out when you know Jessica Kincaid and Melissa Zimbelman. Conversation shape shifters, they make me think and look at situations and opportunities from a fresh perspective.

Accountability Partners

More than keeping me on track and honest, Bobbie Nelson and Gary Krysler give me the opportunity to discuss lofty ideas and bring me back to reality when I become overly optimistic or ambitious.  I am also fortunate to have Anita Davis and Jo Kenney, help hold me accountable.

The last two individuals, who round out my power-packed 10, are Tacoma, WA, REALTOR® Beverly Miller and attorney Tanya Watkins in New York. Both are friends, supporters and business strategists. Their love and support have been invaluable through the years.

There are many individuals we owe gratitude and appreciation to for helping us attain our own personal level of success. These are just 10 of many, to whom I want to say "thank you."  

Who are the 10 who help you win? Take time to share a post about one or two of them here or on our Women’s Council Facebook page.

Margo Wheeler Willis, GREEN, GRI, PMN, SRES
Crescent Realty, Inc.
Spanaway, WA

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