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Building a Successful Real Estate Team

by Carolyn Gross

11 Carolyn Gross

We spend one third of our lives building and maintaining relationships, one third of our lives in career and financial pursuits and one third addressing health, fitness and renewal. 

REALTORS® are self-motivated, dynamic people, who have a certain flair for connecting and problem-solving. Sometimes self-motivated types are more "lone wolf" than team friendly. 

Relationships are a major part of life and business that can make us – or remake us. Did you know there are only two types of people in this world: your friends and your teachers? Your friends are obvious because they support and validate you, even when you aren’t exactly perfect. 

Your "teachers," on the other hand, aren't quite so benevolent. These are people who challenge, cajole, deny or deceive us. These less-than-pleasant ones are deemed "teachers" because they give us the opportunity to see our own vulnerabilities and weaknesses. 

Eventually on a team we can quickly assess who are our friends and who are our teachers. But what we need to look at to build a successful team or participate on a successful team is good communication skills. If our role is real estate broker or manager, we need to add coaching skills as well. 

Here are some tips to encourage concise and clear communication to grow a successful team: 

Be Clear and Brief in Stating Your Needs

If you need help, ask. Be direct and specific when possible. Leave short voicemails, because if you don't people will tune you out. We are the 10-second sound bite society, so "edit" your emails and voicemails to minimize wordiness and other confusion in delivering your message. Be professional in your communication style, people will listen more if you're clear in what you say and how you say it.

Have Frequent In-person Updates

It's great we all can communicate anytime and anywhere, but don't lose the pulse of your organization. Find a reason to meet regularly. Make meetings memorable. Assign team members roles for the meeting. Have a technology expert share the latest real estate app, or encourage success with the greatest sales story of the month contest.

Anticipate Team Member Needs

All good communicators invite questions and follow-up. Let team members know ahead, when possible, that you know of their concerns or issues and you want to address them in a constructive manner. People need reassurance more than ever, so give it to them.

Provide Resources

When stress issues start to show up, or time management concerns are evident, present information to offset these deficits. Help your team stay calm in the midst of real estate chaos. Show them your tricks to optimize time, and lead by example. Recommend books, seminars or webinars. Personal development leads to business growth. A team that grows together stays together.

Deal With Disappointments

Having recently read a credo written by the inventor of the ATM Machine, he stated, "Absolute certainty in anything may lead to disappointments." With all the variables in a real estate transaction, unmet expectations and difficult situations happen that disappoint. "Bounce-back" is important, and overcoming chaos can yield greater resiliency to keep the team productive and positive.

Find the Good, and Grow It

If you’re in an intense work environment where your management style is dictator more than director, lose your negatives or use them sparingly. Avoid constant calling out of others, because eventually people will tune you out. Find the good and grow it!

Consistently Do Something to Benefit Others

Do you want to be a force for good? Successful people make sure they are consistently improving the lives of others. Is it mentoring, volunteering or donating. People who do good, tend to feel good! Challenge yourself this year to contribute to your team’s success. January is goal time for most, so find a way to contribute to your real estate team that creates a productive and positive environment. 

Carolyn Gross is an award-winning speaker, author and health expert as seen on NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV. She has a lifelong passion for helping people manage chaos with confidence. She loves bringing her 20 years of research in time management, team management and self management to women. For more information, email info@creativelifesolutions.com or call 760-741-2762 or 888-755-4565. To purchase her wellness books, visit www.creativelifesolutions.com 

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