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by Anita Davis, PMN

Why Women's Council?

Anita - articleAs volunteers, we give of our time, energy, skills and emotions to the organizations we grow to love. I am often asked what I get out of my involvement with Women's Council.

"Do you receive a salary for all your work?"

"Do you receive any kind of stipend?"

"But you are always traveling. Doesn’t that hurt your real estate business?"

I have found that the opposite is true; the more involved I am with Women's Council, the more my business grows as well.

It could be all the connections I have made through these many years of travel. It could be all the amazing education I have received through my local business resource meetings, state events and national meetings. Or it could be the mentors who have inspired me and those individuals I have been blessed to mentor through the years. It has been years of exchanging value, and I feel that it is a combination of all of these things.

Women's Council is known for its leadership development tools and classes. We have been the springboard for many who have gone on to serve in their local and state real estate associations, as well as the highest ranks of national leadership. We are also the source at the local level to the REALTORS® who are in the trenches, serving real estate clients on a day-to-day basis and needing the latest tools, technology and information to make the process easier.

On the national level, Women's Council strives to make the job of the volunteer easier. For example, our annual Leadership Academy has expanded over the years to include training for local, state and regional leaders. We will celebrate the fifteenth year of Academy this August! Here, leaders are trained and given tools to help them deliver the best and most recent information to the members.

We are now working on our three-year Strategic Framework, which is developed through a cycle of information-sharing that is gathered from the membership, formulated into a plan and delivered back to the members as enhanced benefits for all. Each member has a chance to input ideas, share thoughts and improve together our Council.

I want to thank the entire membership for all the contributions that have been made through the surveys, forums and emails we have received as we formulate our newest Strategic Framework. Women's Council has grown so much over these past 75 years, and it’s an honor to give my time, energy, skills and emotions to this organization that I love, the Women’s Council of REALTORS®.

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