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Essential Mobile Apps in 2013

by Dianna Kawell

Mobile AppsIn today's real estate business, mobility is critical to success. As such, many REALTORS® were early adopters of mobile technology.

Today, there are thousands of mobile apps to choose from, for varying costs. We recently took to Facebook to ask, "What mobile apps do you rely on to run your real estate business?" Here are just a few of the many apps out there that our members and Facebook followers report they "can't live without."

Cloud Storage

Many members report using "cloud" file storage as an essential tool for running a real estate business. Cloud service is a great option when mobility is needed, allowing staff and business partners to easily share folders and to access the most up-to-date business files from anywhere. There are several cloud services available, and Dropbox for Teams and Amazon are among the most widely used.

Tracking Business Expenses

Georgia REALTOR® Tanya Clements Cole uses Milebug to easily track mileage as a business deduction. This handy app "delivers an awesome spreadsheet whenever requested," Cole says, "And it does the math." Business Trip Tracker is another top-rated app that allows users to log business mileage.

To track other business expenses, YNAB (which stands for "You Need A Budget") offers a companion app for the company's popular desktop version. The app allows you to track transactions remotely, as you go. The user can set up budget targets each month and then track these projections against actual purchases to stay on top of business expenses.

Lead Generation

For lead generation, Arizona REALTOR® Yvonne Coelet, ABR, CRS, GRI, PMN, reports using Barcode Realty, a company which offers REALTORS® a branded mobile presence to attract prospective buyers and sellers. "I signed up for Barcode Realty's mobile site," Coelet says. "My mobile site is done and getting great SEO placement. I'm getting leads from it. My buyers can search the MLS right on their mobile devices."

Managing Contacts

Say "goodbye" to traditional business cards you've collected over the years. There are several apps available to easily scan contact details and save electronically so you can toss those stacks of old business cards. Evernote Hello is an Apple "App Store Editor's Choice," which allows you to scan a business card with a mobile device. You can then save that contact's information to your account, along with important notes from meetings with the individual and other details you need to remember about the person. Camcard is yet another free app that scans and collects information from traditional business cards.

Dianna Kawell is the Editor of Women's Council's eConnect newsletter.

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