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by Jo Kenney, PMN

Jo Kenney - largeMembership Has its Benefits

As the famous American Express slogan goes, so it is true for Women's Council – "Membership has its benefits."  Out of all the dues I pay to professional organizations, my membership with Women's Council is by far my best investment for my business.

For me, the most important value of belonging is the professional credibility that comes with the Women's Council name. In my market, among real estate professionals – and increasingly in my community – the Council has a reputation for excellence, which has become part of my reputation.

Equally important are the relationships that have been developed over the years that I have belonged, especially when attending state, regional and national meetings. I can truly say I have dear friends all over the country, and there is tangible value for my business through referrals.

When you become a member, you will learn how to network! We are a powerful group of networkers, and it is a skill that is perfected at our meetings – and one that you can use in other aspects of your business life. Along with that "network" is a camaraderie that translates into an incredible support system that you can turn to when you are seeking answers to challenges in your daily real estate business or your personal life.

Our network enables an "exchange of value" as our members have different levels of expertise and experience. This is a benefit in which every member can share – whether asking or giving advice and recommendations.

The tangible benefits are those that your staff and leadership team are constantly working to improve, including the Performance Management Network Designation program. This series of education courses is designed to empower members both personally and professionally. Other benefits include eConnect, our monthly "e-zine" with valuable contributions from industry experts and tips and techniques from members who are among the most successful and influential in the real estate industry.

Even our Facebook page has quickly grown into a dynamic forum for sharing our best practices and tech trends among our more than 23,000 "fans." There is something about this organization that is very attractive in our rapidly evolving industry!

And soon we will be together in Washington D.C., for our Midyear Meeting, where we will experience that camaraderie, do that networking and have those moments to exchange our valuable expertise. We look forward to celebrating those chapters who have succeeded over the past year in running effective, impactful chapters at the annual Awards Banquet. We hope to see you there. If you are unable to be in D.C. with us, look for the photos of the event to follow in June. And start now to plan on joining us for the awards in 2014!

National President-elect
Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta
Decatur, GA

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