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by Jo Kenney, PMN

JoArticleThe Gift of Membership

The holidays are now behind us. As the New Year begins, we can anticipate an exciting 2014. With the change in our markets over the past 18 months and rosy predictions in the real estate industry for this year, we all have high hopes for a successful year ahead for our businesses.

You have made your Women’s Council membership a priority by staying involved. You understand the importance of involvement to your personal and professional lives. In our recent Membership Survey, 95 percent of respondents reported that their Women’s Council membership provides "a sense of professional pride and satisfaction." And that is why, in our new Strategic Framework – the blueprint that will guide us as an organization over the next three years – we have placed "Professional Credibility" as our most important Core Value.

Our goal as a leadership team for 2014 is to continue to improve on the value that your membership affords you. President-elect Sindy Ready will address the key issues of the new Strategic Framework in the next issue of eConnect, but I wanted to share with you my personal vision for the Council and our members in 2014.

We all can tell a story of how we started in the Council, which usually starts with the person who invited us to come, participate and get involved. My life, both personally and professionally, would have looked very different if I had ignored that invitation, and I am sure most of you agree.

My personal request for all of you is to offer this same gift of membership – to your colleagues in your office, to that agent with whom you just had a wonderful co-op. Ask them to come to a meeting, explain what Women's Council means to you, get them involved and show them the benefits of membership.

Another group to whom you can bring this value is past Council members. They may have left for any number of reasons, but now is the time to ask them to come home – home to the new Women's Council, home to where they will be surrounded by the best and brightest in the industry.

And the other gift that those of you serving in leadership can give is the gift of leadership. Part of our job as leaders is to recognize that glimmer or beacon of leadership ability that is untapped in some members. Ask them to get involved, and show them the value that leadership skills will bring to their personal and professional lives. Mentor that spark, so it can become a flame of future leadership for your chapter.

Whether you are asking a colleague to join or asking a promising new leader to step up and serve, you are giving a gift – you are changing that person’s life. So let's all focus this year on being gift givers in 2014.

I offer my best wishes to all of you for an extremely productive and successful year!

National President
Keller Williams Realty Metro Atlanta
Decatur, GA

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