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Mobile Apps for Today's Real Estate Professional

by Jo Ann Stevens, PMN


The real estate industry is actually one of the most tech savvy industries around today. The necessity to cover numerous geographic areas and the demand to provide all-inclusive services has made real estate professionals almost dependent on the technologies available to them.

This dependency has pushed many to embrace new technologies and quickly become familiar with the various ways to maximize their time and build their businesses by attracting new buyers and sellers. The by-product of this trend has been a strong demand from the real estate industry for technology companies to continue pushing the envelope to build faster, more efficient and more effective real estate technologies.

The expansion into mobile technology is just the latest trend in growing the real estate toolbox. Cloud technology allows us to work outside the office or move with us as we move from place to place. Apps have become an important part of the mobile technology, and there are probably as many apps as there are reasons to invent them.

Apps have become such an important part of our profession that Women's Council created our own app, which provides member benefits at our fingertips. The entire membership directory is available on your mobile device, and the My Chapter feature includes a directory of your local chapter members and upcoming events in your area.

We polled some of our members on which other apps they find the most useful in their day-to-day businesses, and below is a summary of just a few of their favorite apps.


Jo Ann Stevens, ABR, GRI, PMN, is the 2015 Financial Secretary for Women's Council. She is also part of the Lane Real Estate Team located in Sugar Land, TX. Jo Ann is a native Texan and a licensed REALTOR® for more than 30 years. She is a graduate of the University of Houston and worked in the title industry for many years, managing offices across the country.

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