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Midyear Wrap-up

If you missed out on Women's Council's recent Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo in Washington, D.C., no worries. We've got you covered. Here are some of the top tips provided by the conference speakers and attendees to help you streamline your business and boost your bottom line.


Heather Ozur_thumbnailNonstop Connections: Building a Referral Mindset

Click here to view Heather's presentation.

This session delivered by Heather Ozur, PMN, taught the art and science of capturing referrals in today's fast-paced market. Discover the importance of developing a "referral mindset" and get tips for implementing an effective strategy into your business plan. 

Robin FennNot Your Mamma's Networking

Click here for Robbie's quick-tips video.

Robbie Fenn's message in her Saturday morning session was clear: "It's Not Your Mamma’s Networking Anymore." Her session focused on the importance of sharing ideas and making new connections while realizing each of us brings value to the table, and we have the opportunity to exchange it.

Robbie asked that attendees shift their focus from mentoring to an "exchange of value" mindset. As real estate professionals, "we've must get out of the mindset of 'I've been in the business for 15 years' and be open to learning – and especially be more open to learning from people who have been in the business for less time than we have," she said.

Robbie also focused on the importance of Women's Council membership as a way to build your business. "I have always viewed my membership as a way to build my posse. I'm from Texas, and that's what we do in Texas!" she said. "I utilize Women's Council to surround myself with people who can help in my success."

Industry Insight Sessions

thumbnail_VictoriaFinancial Fitness

Click here for Victoria's quick-tips video.

Victoria Gillespie taught attendees how to flex those financial muscles with REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union. Victoria identified four areas that every REALTOR® should include in their "Financial Fitness Program:"

1. Start with a complete physical exam. Assess your current credit condition by ordering a free copy of your credit report at least annually.
2. Select your workout facility. Work with a financial institution that understands your industry and is dedicated to helping you attain your financial goals.
3. Commit to a balanced financial fitness program. This creates a disciplined routine that includes allocations for operating expenses, taxes, retirement and savings.
4. Establish a training team to develop your financial fitness program. Your team should include experts in tax planning, investments management and estate planning.

For more details about REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, the Credit Union exclusively designed for REALTORS®, visit www.REALTORSFCU.org.

Veronica McManus_thumbnailRPR Mobile: Big Data, Powerful Reports Anytime Anywhere

Veronica McManus, PMN, covered RPR's new mobile offering. Now, you can have all the benefits of REALTORS® Property Resource at your fingertips with the new mobile app. Use your phone's location to instantly access detailed property information and customizable reports. Click here to visit RPR or create your account.

Cheryl KellerThe Seven Pillars of Your Business

Session presenter Cheryl Keller identified how to build your business beyond goals and a business plan by creating intentional pillars of business:

1. Intentionally evolve your approach to your business by identifying and building "Your Sever Pillars of Business."
2. Bring passion into your everyday tasks by spending scheduled time on your chosen pillars. 
3. Achieve an ownership mindset that you can build upon your favorite pillars to create a successful real estate business unique to you.

Laurie Weston DavisMelissa Case

A Geeky Girls Guide to Building Your Online Brand

"The Geeky Girls," Laurie Weston Davis and Melissa Case, suggested the top three tips for building your brand online:

1. Identify your unique value proposition. What makes you different?
2. Be consistent across platforms. Your brand should be recognizable everywhere you are active.
3. Keep an eye on what people are saying. Ask for reviews and see what Google says about you.

Game Changer Session

Sam thumbnailMobile REALTOR®: Recapturing Your Life/Work Balance

Chicago real estate professional Sam Powell covered innovative ideas from the trenches.

Click here to hear some of her tricks of the trade to help you recapture your life and grow your business in Sam's quick-tips video. Or read Sam's article from June 2015 eConnect for more practical tips for your mobile real estate business. 

 Ignite Learning Sessions

Kathleen MorinState Leadership: What You Should be Doing Now

Designed for state chapter leaders, this session with Facilitator Kathleen Morin, PMN, and Panelists Linda Lee, PMN, and Kathleen Morin, PMN, discussed defining guidelines for programming submissions, leadership identification and assisting with local chapter websites.

Click here for a quick video summary from Kathleen.

Carrie Bey-Little ThumbnailDiscovering Buyer & Seller Trends

Who are your buyers and sellers in 2015? In this session, Carrie Bey-Little covered how you can implement this type of research into your business plan, along with the best tools for determining real estate trends to find your next lead.

Click here for Carrie's quick-tips video. 

Lori Muller_thumbnailResponding to Conflict: The Power of Effective Conversations

In her Ignite Session, Lori Muller covered how to become more productive, confident and less stressed by simply understanding and identifying expectations of different personality styles. Lori provided tips for resolving issues to develop strong relationships within your chapter, business and local community. 

Click here for Lori's quick-tips video. 

Sylvia SeaboltInsta-success

Sylvia Seabolt, PMN, led this session, which was designed to help you increase your virtual footprint for your local chapter or your business using Instagram.

Click here for Sylvia's quick-tips video.



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