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The Long and Winding Road of Leadership

by Sherri Souza, PMN

Souza_articleTime and time again, we hear that taking on volunteer roles in real estate associations will take away critical moments from our businesses. Yet many of us in Women's Council have found the opposite to be true. 

Recently, I was at a meeting where a vote needed to be taken of a committee. Some participants struggled with the voting protocol, which made me realize how fortunate I've been to have learned parliamentary procedure through my leadership roles in industry organizations.

However, Women's Council of REALTORS® has provided me an education well beyond the Robert's Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure – while the value of these meeting skills in the boardroom should not be underestimated. It can be intimidating in the beginning if you lack that knowledge of meeting protocol, but the confidence gained as an end result is invaluable.

Volunteer leadership is not about gaining an instant sales referral – although that's not unheard of. Another aspect that cannot be quantified is the respect gained from others in the industry when they observe a well intentioned leader who can make things happen and expand opportunities for others to learn new skills and make a positive impact for our profession.

I've been involved in leadership through Women's Council and my local and state associations as long as I have been a REALTOR®. The skills and knowledge you gain in volunteer leadership create a positive reputation for your business, as well as countless opportunities to contribute in your community, whether on a board of directors, as a volunteer or as an ambassador for home ownership.

That being said, Women's Council referrals from around the country will add to the bottom line of your business. When other members see how you follow through and contribute to the industry as a whole, they will also know you will provide the best service possible to their clients or friends.

Here are some tips to get more involved:
1. Pay attention to local opportunities with Women's Council, where you can grow your skills both personally and professionally. Be sure and bookmark your local chapter's website

2. Find opportunities that appeal to your personal interests, which will make the experience more fun and rewarding.

3. Maximize your intentional networking while volunteering. Who knows, you may make new friends in the process, which will be its own reward.

All of this I have learned through my involvement in Women’s Council. I have been truly blessed to participate in this dynamic organization that helps us grow and learn.


Recording Secretary
Sherri Souza, CRS, GRI, PMN 
Independent Women Brokers
Livermore, CA

Click here to learn about professional development opportunities for volunteer leaders offered by NAR. 


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