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Five Strategies to Create Cool Content for Social Media

by Beth Ziesenis

Beth_articleReal estate professionals are becoming better and better at tweeting, posting, sharing and pinning tips and ideas for their clients and colleagues. But if the content they share is boring, the three clicks it took to get the information out there were wasted. Luckily, the app world is full of amazing tools to help elevate a ho-hum house shot into a snazzy, share-worthy graphic or multimedia masterpiece.

Here are some top tools to create great content for social media.


1. Turn an Image into a Story

Word Swag and Over

Way back in the day, a REALTOR® could share a plain photo, but these days the images with text overlays get all the attention. Word Swag is an iOS app that allows you to add text to an image in mere moments, and Over is a similar tool that has an Android option. Without having a degree in design, you can plug in your own text and play around with the typography with a few clicks.

2. Make a Movie in an Instant

Animoto and Magisto

Animoto is one of those tools that make your clients go "wow" and look at you in wonder. The premise is incredibly simple. Gather 10 or more pictures and/or videos, throw in a title and choose a theme and soundtrack – then push a button. Presto! Animoto instantly creates a perfectly timed, perfectly professional, perfectly awesome video to showcase your best listings, your services, your staff and more. Sign up through the mobile app for the lowest pricing, and you can also make movies on the web.

Magisto is another instant movie maker. Just shoot video on the fly and tell Magisto to do its magic. Within five minutes, you’ll have a share-worthy montage of your clips and pictures. Bonus! Magisto’s new tool, Magisto Shot, animates a lowly picture and makes it something special.

3. Design for Social Media

Canva and PicMonkey

Canva is a graphic tool for those who can’t find their way around Adobe Photoshop. Non-artistic folks love the templates and professional-looking graphics. The site provides modern and retro frameworks for everything from Facebook timeline images to Instagram posts. It takes just a few clicks of the mouse to make a downloadable PDF or jpeg – perfect for quick fliers, social media posts or website graphics.

Best part? If you use your own images, Canva is free. Use Canva's professional images for just a buck apiece.

PicMonkey is a worthy Canva competitor that also includes handy blemish removers and teeth whiteners to give your staff photos more star quality.

4. Personalize Your Images

Tagxedo, WordFoto and WordCam

Tagxedo is a word cloud generator that takes words and concepts and transforms them into works of art. You can make a quick, traditional word cloud in five minutes or create a perfect masterpiece with umpteen customizations.

This flexibility makes Tagxedo the perfect tool for showcasing your top neighborhoods in your logo. Potential clients are sure to stop and say, “Cool! How did they make that?” Warning: You better get to work. Tagxedo is a favorite tool, but its days may be numbered. It runs only on the web through Microsoft Silverlight Technology, which Chrome recently stopped supporting. They’re working on a new app for iPad, so stay tuned.

WordFoto and WordCam also let you personalize images with words. Just choose your image on your mobile device and add a list of words, and these apps will “paint” your photo with the words.

5. Go Beyond the Online Post

Felt, GrooveBook and Postagram

You can snap a million images of your listings and post them all to social media, but they’re buried in clients’ feeds in a flash. Felt and Postagram let you turn images into beautiful snail-mail postcards and letters to give your clients some true takeaways for a small price. And you can sign up for Groovebook's monthly fee of $2.99 to receive a printed booklet of 100 four-by-six-inch images from your mobile device each month – delivered! The photos are even perforated so you can tear and share your favorite shots.

Beth Ziesenis

Beth Ziesenis is "Your Nerdy Best Friend" and the author of several books on technology including Nerd Know-How: The 27+ Best Apps for Work & How to Use ‘Em. Beth travels the country talking to organizations about free and bargain technology. 

Be sure and check out Beth's session "Secret Tech Weapons to Build Your Perfect REALTOR® Smartphone," at the upcoming National Conference in San Diego on November 14.

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