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Get the PMN Designation for Less – Limited Time Offer

PMN thumbnailWould you like access to an exclusive networking group that gives you premium referrals, enhanced visibility, marketing opportunities and cutting-edge information on real estate trends? Then take advantage of this special offer throughout the month of October to fast-track your PMN requirements to earn your designation during the National Conference in San Diego. We're offering discounts and added bonuses that will get you motivated.

Defining the PMN

jo_thumbnail"We are part of a very powerful network, and my first choice for a referral partner is always a PMN designee."

Jo Kenney, PMN
2014 National President

It's true, there's something special about this network of forward-thinking and leadership-oriented individuals that truly stands out. It's more than just a designation or a one-shot training program. The Performance Management Network is a powerful connector for successful business leaders and an effective tool for building your bottom line.

To be a successful business leader in today's fast-paced market, one must not only be informed and have a clear understanding of the industry, but a leader must be able to provide innovative insight and solutions. Women's Council's curriculum courses provide that component and focus on real-world situations to help drive all leaders no matter rank, title or position.

Kristin Triolo"The Performance Management Network courses were among the best courses I have taken in my career. I highly value the knowledge and expertise these courses and designation have given me over the years." 

Kristin Triolo, PMN

The development of a successful referral business is an ongoing process that involves continuous communication, interaction and nurturing. The pre-established network of peers you’ll have available to you, as a PMN designee, is unparalleled among REALTOR® designations. Be inspired by the opportunities and knowledge base that comes from having premier access to a network of successful real estate professionals.

Chantel Markel"When I look for referrals, I always search for those with the PMN designation first because, in my experience, these are the REALTORS® who don't treat their profession as a job, but rather as their career... Every time I have referred clients to a PMN designee, they have treated my clients the way I would treat them." 
Chantel Markel, PMN

Getting Your PMN

For the month of October, we've reduced the cost and simplified the process for getting your designation. Click below for all the details on our PMN Fast Track. Take advantage of this special offer and save up to $275. It's quick, affordable and convenient. So what are you waiting for? 

If you would like to receive your PMN at the National Conference in San Diego, the deadline to submit your paperwork is October 16, 2015. For more information, contact designation@wcr.org. 


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