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No Buyer’s Remorse with RPAC

by Carol Weinrich Helsel

Carol's_article"The morning after I wrote my first check to RPAC I called the state association to ask for it back," admits Sara Lipnitz, PMN, a Birmingham, MI REALTOR®.

REALTORS® understand buyer's remorse when it comes to clients, but you don't expect to hear this about RPAC from a member who is a Golden R, member of the RPAC President's Circle and now serves as Women's Council's REALTOR® Party Liaison to NAR.

So what turned Lipnitz around and allowed her state association to keep her check? "Accepting an invitation to spend a day at the state Capitol with the association CEO and lobbyists was all it took," Lipnitz says. "Watching them in action, working on my behalf to make sure I have a sustainable source of income for my business and my family – I was forever changed."

Sara Lipnitz_thumbnailThe REALTOR® Party is a powerful alliance of REALTORS® and real estate associations working to protect and promote homeownership and property investment. The REALTOR® Party speaks with one voice to advance candidates and public policies that build strong communities and promote a vibrant business environment. The bottom line for Lipnitz and many other Council members is that RPAC fosters a strong property market that allows REALTORS® to earn a living.

As not everyone has the opportunity to spend a day watching their association in action, Lipnitz offered to share her insights and experiences to help answer the question: "Why should Women's Council members invest in RPAC?"

Politics are happening. Whether you're paying attention or not, politics that affect your day-to-day business are happening around you. At the local, state and national level. It's hard to stay on top of it all and manage your day-to-day business. Investing in the REALTOR® Party helps to ensure someone is out there advocating on your behalf.

The boomerang effect. Your investment in RPAC keeps coming back to you. Take mortgage interest deductibility. It's easy to assume it will always be there. Think again. The growing federal debt, weak economic recovery and continued growth of tax complexity have all kept tax reform high on Congress' agenda. The ongoing debate has put a variety of tax laws, including those affecting our industry, under increased scrutiny.

How many sales might you lose without a strong REALTOR® Party to fight to keep mortgage interest deductibility? The same for efforts related to credit availability, mortgage debt cancellation tax relief, FHA single-family mortgage programs, 1031 exchanges and more. Advocating REALTOR®-friendly positions on each of these is high on the REALTOR® Party agenda in 2015.

Let clients know you're worth that commission and more! Investing in RPAC (and proudly promoting that fact) is a great way to communicate your value to clients. You give back so they can afford a house. You give back to help build the strong communities in which they live. You give back to protect their investment in private property.

The Women's Council Connection

Lipnitz pointed out one more benefit – one that's unique to Women’s Council members and goes beyond the inherent value all REALTORS® receive from investing in the REALTOR® Party. When you invest in RPAC, you invest in a stronger relationship with NAR.

"Supporting the REALTOR® Party builds bridges between NAR and WCR that serve both groups," Lipnitz says. "With more bridges, there are more opportunities to identify talent to pull into the Women’s Council. Alternatively, NAR can see the effective group of leaders in WCR and look to them as a group that gets things done."

"We are a business group, and we develop business leaders. There is so much talent and stewardship in our group. Professional women and men who give back because it’s the right thing to do and helps to make our industry stronger."

In fact, Women’s Council members, as a percentage, represent one of the largest groups of participants in RPAC with a 48-percent participation rate. While our 11,000 members represent just 1 percent of NAR’s membership, our participation percentage rate, by comparison, is "supersized." Among our ranks are 375 Major Investors, 199 President's Circle members and 92 RPAC Hall of Fame members. This is something to be proud of.

As Women's Council's REALTOR® Party Liaison, Lipnitz wants to make sure every person who comes in contact with the Council knows how much talent is within the group and that it’s a "force to be reckoned with."

Lipnitz wrote her first RPAC check because someone asked. Then, she continued to give because someone showed her the power of her investment. She wishes she should could reach out individually to every Council member to talk about the power of investing and offer a day of watching REALTOR® Party advocacy in action. Short of that, she hopes you'll consider this her personal "ask."

Join Lipnitz and thousands of other Women's Council members in working to maintain a long-term, sustainable and profitable marketplace, and to keep Council members among the forefront of industry leaders and stewards with increased access to the larger REALTOR® family.

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