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Got Video?

by Sherri Souza, PMN

Sherri SouzaAre you a fan of Vimeo or Vine? Maybe a FB poster or Instagram voyeur? Is YouTube one of your favorite places to spend some extra time?

Chapters and Networks can be the “Stars” in promoting their members and getting their messages to potential members and social media platforms. Digital media is the best way to market your business and your Network.

There are many things you can do to virtually market your events, business resource meetings, new member introductions, testimonials and promotion of your network to the world. Last year Women’s Council started producing videos by the National officers to the members and we have had great responses to our video messages. It personalizes the message and puts faces behind the leadership of the organization. It helps the members become familiar with leadership and connect on a whole different level than ever before. It attracts the viewer’s attention better than a written article and adds more of the human element to the content.

The video format is something that appeals to many more viewers than traditional formats and can be applied to many different platforms that we use today to market ourselves and our business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get it done either! All you need is a smartphone and an operator that has a sense of what it takes to convey the message. Think about what you want to convey and how to deliver the content. Let creativity take the lead in your development.

  • Do you want to give your members a taste of your next speaker? Have your speaker do a 1-minute teaser for your meeting.
  • How about a testimonial by a member who has realized the benefit from their membership in Women’s Council? That is a very powerful video to share. 
  • Maybe a glimpse of your fundraiser will stimulate ticket sales? If you have a clip from last year’s event, share it. 
  • Do you have a member who has received an award that you want everyone to know about? Video a short conversation with the member congratulating them.

Then post, post, post! To your chapter Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vine (8-seconds), your chapter website, anywhere the public can view it.

Keep in mind that whatever you do, the premise is professionalism. Don’t post clips that may compromise the integrity or professionalism of the organization. You can have some fun but keep it in perspective. Know that a lot of conclusions can be made in a 2-minute video.

Do you want to take it further than the Council? Create a video of you in your business to use in online advertising campaigns, in listing presentations, for new listings to potential buyers, use in neighborhood guides, or virtual tours. Then post on your YouTube channel, Facebook page or website. Here is a link to some articles from NAR that can be helpful in learning how to take your advertising to the next level and utilize digital media to virally market.

NAR Video Field Guide

There are no limits as to what you can do to promote yourself or the Women’s Council of REALTORS®. Be creative, convey the message and have some fun!

Take a peek at one of the testimonial videos that we worked on with your 2016 Steering Committee members.

Chris Lee, PMN

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