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RFCU ArticleAs a busy real estate professional, you have more options than ever for managing your finances on the go. There’s no need to spend valuable time waiting in line at a bank when you could take advantage of the convenient electronic products available at most financial institutions. Brick and mortar will always be there for that in-person experience, but why limit yourself? 

Online Banking: Account Services, Financial Management and More at Your Fingertips
Online banking—the first in the wave of electronic options—became available in the '90s and has steadily grown in usage ever since. Services vary by financial institution, but generally you’re able to conduct any transfers, payments, and balance inquiries that you’d perform at a branch. Chances are you’re familiar with these benefits, but are you using your online banking service to its fullest potential?

For members of REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, a Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union, online banking offers so much more than basic financial transactions. Personal financial management tools allow users to view their spending trends and set budgets that help them reach their financial goals. The Credit Union recognizes that every real estate professional’s financial needs are different: customizable dashboards, account alerts and the ability to access both business and personal accounts in one place are just some of the ways you can tailor online banking to suit your individual needs. Free perks like secure virtual document storage help you manage your finances and important documents all in one place.

Still paying your bills by check? Online banking can save you time and money with bill pay services that ensure your payments are made on time, every time. As a real estate professional, you’re on the road, taking calls and switching gears all day long. The last thing you want to worry about is forgetting to mail a check. Set up your payment information for your recurring bills and let bill pay take care of the rest. 

Your Accounts—Wherever You Are, Whenever You Need Them
Online banking is great…when you have time to start up your laptop. But what if your car is your office and you’ve got 10 minutes until your next appointment? Bring your accounts with you wherever you take your smartphone or tablet (which we all know is everywhere these days). Mobile banking apps allow users to do virtually everything they can with online banking, right from the palm of their hand. 

If that isn't convenient enough, mobile deposit capabilities mean users can instantly scan and deposit checks without ever having to set foot in a branch. Read carefully though to see what your financial institution’s daily deposit limit is for mobile deposit—you may be surprised to find your limit is well below that recent commission check you’d planned to deposit. The Credit Union understands that real estate professionals have cash flows different from the average consumer, so members are able to deposit up to $25,000 a day—far more than even the biggest banks allow. 

No matter where your business takes you, mobile banking can also help you find the nearest surcharge-free ATM or a Shared Branch location where you can conduct transactions in-person (that is, if you’re a Credit Union member). The Credit Union is part of a co-op of over 5,000 branches around the country—simply use the locations search within the app. You may be surprised to find your local branch right around the corner.

New Technological Advancements—Customize Your Card and Fight Fraud
Advancements in electronic banking go beyond increased convenience. Fraud and ID theft are in the news and on our minds more than ever. Financial institutions are fighting back by teaming up with consumers to proactively protect their accounts.

At the Credit Union, members have access to the free CardNavSM* by CO-OP app that allows them to control when, where and how their debit cards are used. They can limit transactions to designated locations or specific merchants, control spending by setting limits and receive real-time card-use notifications. 

The Bottom Line
Banking today is more convenient than ever, especially great news for busy real estate professionals. Check out your financial institution’s services and take advantage of the variety of electronic options available. If that doesn’t make a meaningful difference in how you conduct your business, give the Credit Union a try. As a REALTORS Benefits® Program Partner, we’re a not-for-profit committed to helping members of the National Association of REALTORS® and their families manage their finances—especially on the go!

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