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Got Your PMN Designation?

by Melissa Zimbelman, PMN

Zimbelman Melissa 14This month marks the beginning of the PMN Fast Track. “What’s that?” You ask. For a limited time Women’s Council provides you with an opportunity to get the designation for less. We’ve modified the requirements, lowered the cost and provided a clear path for you to be recognized in Orlando, FL, during the National Conference November 2-6, 2016.

We all know designations and certifications are everywhere. So, you’re probably asking, what’s different here? What’s in it for me? To that, let me share a little of my personal experience.

I became a PMN Designee back in 2007. Whenever anyone asks why I hold the PMN Designation, my answer is simple. I was told early on that having your PMN was a trait of the strongest leaders within the organization and then when I realized people could search the online referral roster by those who had their designation; it seemed like a no-brainer. 

There are a lot of education options out there today. It almost seems overwhelming. The main reason I continue to hold the PMN Designation is because it’s a great way to differentiate oneself on the Women’s Council referral roster. We get special perks as designees and it is very affordable to keep, when compared to most other designations.  

Need a little more convincing? Here are six reasons why you should get your PMN today!

1)      The courses are directly relevant to your business.  Our courses spark transformation through learning and networking. They are designed to help you walk away with real-world tools through peer-to-peer learning opportunities. It’s through these interactive experiences that you’ll build new skills and new connections that will help impact your business and bottom line.

2)      Time is on your side.  Many designations are time consuming, with multiple requirements and exams.  We’ve streamlined the process for getting the PMN, now it’s a requirement of three core courses or just two if you have an approved NAR certification or the CRS designation.  With one of the courses being online, it’s possible that you may only need to attend one live course (and two are being offered at the National Conference, so that we can pre-approve you ahead of time).  The designation requirements include a leadership track, which outlines your leadership experience via a point-based system, or a referrals track, where one simply documents closed referrals. 

3)      Further your reputation as a business leader. Your membership in Women’s Council is proof of your ongoing commitment to be an industry leader. By obtaining your PMN Designation you’ll show your clients and peers that you’re serious about staying informed. You’ll be joining an elite rank of only 10% of Women’s Council members which will help you increase your sphere of influence and referral opportunities.

4)      Market the PMN to your clients.  Your clients want to work with a skilled professional who can demonstrate their industry value. That’s why we’ve provided PMN Designees access to consumer pieces that help you showcase your designation. Make sure to use in your next listing presentation.

5)      Enhanced networking.  By belonging to Women’s Council, you already have access to unparalleled networking and business opportunities. However, being a PMN Designee certainly has its perks, including: complimentary PMN receptions at our national conferences, a private PMN Facebook page, deep discounts on banner ads in the member directory, and a PMN Only Bonus Content page on wcr.org with free educational content and resources from industry experts.

6)      Affordable pricing.  During the PMN Fast Track program you have the ability to save up to $225 with discounted courses and application fees.  Annual dues are only $50 per year (in addition to your normal Women’s Council dues).

The PMN Designation has been an important part of my leadership journey. The reasons listed above are important, but it’s the experiences, the incredible support system and the hands-on real-life learning opportunities that make the PMN the official REALTOR® business leadership designation.

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this special limited-time pricing and use earning your PMN as a great personal PR opportunity on social media, at your local REALTOR® board and with your clients. It’s the perfect time, join the Performance Management Network today!

Melissa Zimbelman, PMN
2016 Women's Council National President

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