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Leveraging Your Women's Council Membership to Your Clients

by Carol Weinrich Helsel

Wcr Infographic KeywordsAre you fully selling your value?
Ask any member of the Women’s Council of REALTORS® why she (or he) belongs and you’ll hear about a network of top producers who give openly of their time and talents. You’ll also hear about opportunities to grow as a leader and to give back to the industry and to their community.

Most members are great at telling other professionals about the benefits of Women’s Council membership, but may not be so good at telling clients – especially prospective clients. If you’re not engaging your clients and customers in a discussion about how they benefit from your Council affiliation, then you could be leaving business on the table.

The very reasons you value your membership will also resonate with buyers and sellers: Relationships and Leadership. Consider these shared experiences from fellow Council members.

Let buyers and sellers know you are part of a network of successful professionals. “I tell prospective clients I’m part of a group of top producing REALTORS® who love to mentor and work together,” says Angie Simpson (Long Beach, Calif.). For sellers, this means more connections to potential buyers, including those relocating to the area. It’s a great selling point. Women’s Council members average sales volume is more than three times that of a typical REALTOR®.*

This also resonates with buyers. Sam Powell (Chicago, Ill.) says, “Council relationships translate into taking better care of our clients by being better at our craft because of our willingness to work together.”

Michelle Walker (Saint Peters, Mo.) says there’s big value in having relationships with agents on the other side of the deal. “When you run into hiccups, it’s a lot easier to resolve problems with someone you know. I make a point to tell clients that my extensive relationships in the community are because of my leadership in the Women’s Council.”

Deborah Gilmore (Marietta, Ga.) stresses the increased exposure to listings, thanks to her Council connections. But it goes deeper than just the connection. Deborah makes a point to tell prospects that her clients receive the benefit of the knowledge and information shared among Council members. “Members are willing to share knowledge, unconditionally, without fear of business competition. This type of exchange of information does not happen in many real estate firms among office agents.”  Women’s Council members have experience; 70 percent have been selling real estate for 10 years or more.*

Relationships and leadership go hand-in-hand in the Women’s Council of REALTORS®. Angie Simpson talks to prospects about her commitment to developing future professionals. “This resonates with sellers. It shows I’m past the transaction and invested in the industry. With ‘flat fee’ options and ads to ‘sell your home for $500,’ it makes people question our value. We may be a commission-based industry, but let me tell you what we do as a profession. Talking about WCR validates the industry as a whole.”

Sam Powell also talks about giving back to the industry. “I find buyers and sellers are really responsive to that side of me. They appreciate knowing about my volunteer work and they learn about who I am as a professional. This layering of information is a powerful tool in relationship building with new customers and potential clients!” Sixty-five percent of Women’s Council members hold leadership positions in their local community, making them respected professionals.*

Promoting the Women’s Council Value Proposition
Council members promote their affiliation in multiple and different ways. Deborah Gilmore includes it in her orientation, stressing how it broadens her knowledge of the larger industry. Angie Simpson works it into presentations when asked about her commitment to the industry and making sure homes sell. Sam Powell features WCR references on all documentation shared with clients and, of course, on her business card, email signature and elsewhere.

There’s no right or wrong way to promote your Council affiliation to potential clients – except not to promote it at all! Leverage your Women’s Council affiliation by telling clients and customers about the value it delivers to you as a professional, and the subsequent value it brings to them. As Angie Simpson says, “We’re responsible for our own press!”

Take a look at our new Women's Council promotional pieces on your Membership or PMN Designation to share with your clients. These fillable forms have room for you to personalize with your contact information on the bottom portion.

*2015 Women’s Council of REALTORS® Survey

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