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4 Smart Steps To Take Your Business To The Next Level

by Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist

1 WCR 4 Smart Strategies To Take Your Business To The Next LevelYears ago you dreamed of becoming a real estate agent but did you foresee the massive amount of stress you’d experience managing day to day operations? Are you now doing just what you need to get by because the idea of growing your business seems totally overwhelming?

The delicate balance of maintaining your sanity and taking your business to the next level can be challenging but there are steps you can take to help you achieve that elusive balance.

1. Find Clarity

You may not have figured out what success means to you yet but having clarity is essential to growing your business with less stress. If you aren’t clear on what you want to accomplish, any new shiny object/project/opportunity/app/program will look like a great thing to spend your time and energy on. Engaging in non-goal-oriented activities takes time away from pursuing the activities that directly grow your business, leaving you overwhelmed and frustrated.

Having clarity is all about big vision thinking. How do you want your life and business to look in X years? Your goals should be true to you and your desires. Be as descriptive as necessary in order to visualize accomplishing each goal. Rewrite them as a daily affirmation that you can read every morning. 

2. Strategize

Break your larger goals up into smaller projects and prioritize them in order of importance to reduce stress and not feel overwhelmed with the abundance of tasks that need to get done. Focus on one important project at a time instead of spreading yourself thin and haphazardly wasting your time and energy on multiple projects that do not get you closer to achieving your goals. Move on to the next only once your current project has reached maintenance mode status. Slow down, strategize, and stay focused.

To plan far ahead, schedule projects out for specific durations on your calendar. Some projects may be only a week long, others an entire quarter. Planning a project timeline will enable you to visualize along the lines of a theme and enable you to weigh each task’s importance against the thematic project planned for that time frame. It is worth filtering every opportunity through your vision of success. Sometimes reprioritizing is necessary and that is ok!

3. Eliminate (D List)

Simply put, you cannot keep adding to your plate without increasing your stress, which affects the quality of your business and your mental stability. Something always gives each time you add more to your list of responsibilities. For some businesses customer service is negatively affected. For others it is the loss of family time or self-care time. What is the first thing that goes when your plate is overly full?

You need to eliminate responsibilities to clear the way for new ones that will grow your business. Create a D List which is simply a list of tasks you can delete or delegate to others. Follow through with eliminating them off your plate through focused execution.

4. Execute

To see the results you desire, you have to execute! Running your own business day in and day out will take over all of your time if you let it. Schedule blocks of time on your calendar to work on the projects that will take your business to the next level and hold those times sacred. Respect your commitments to yourself as you would a client. There will always be something else going on or someone else requesting your time. Schedule the time to execute projects and stick to it.

Establishing clarity on your goals, strategizing how you’re going to achieve them, eliminating that which you can delete or delegate, and executing your plan for success takes commitment. The good news is you have already proven you’re capable of a long-term commitment. After all, you dreamed of becoming a real estate agent and made that dream into your reality, and I’ll bet it didn’t happen overnight. When you take the steps to consistently execute high-priority projects that are imperative to the growth of your business, you will take your business to the next level in less time with less stress.

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About the Contributor:

De La Garza ThumbAmber De La Garza is a Personal Productivity Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant with a wide range of clients from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. With her guidance, professionals, business owners, and corporations maximize their success by improving their productivity. Amber specializes in helping entrepreneurs outperform their competition and dominate the market while reducing stress and making time for what matters most! Amber is a contributor for The Huffington Post, Choices Magazine, and Las Vegas Agent Magazine.

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