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Small But Mighty: Banner Ads Can Pack A Powerful Marketing Punch— Now Discounted

by Carol Weinrich Helsel

Banner Ads Pricingnov2016Online ads are sometimes viewed as an annoyance or, at best, something to ignore… until you’re looking for something or someone online. Today’s search technology allows only the most relevant marketing information to reach you, based on your search terms.

When fellow Council members use the Referral Center to search for someone to refer a client to, make sure your name stands out with an eye-catching banner ad that displays in up to six cities of your choosing when your name appears in the search results. Prospective buyers and sellers using the Find-a-Member search see these same banner ads – driving consumer business to your personal web page or company site. The online Council member search tool is mobile-friendly for easy use anytime, anywhere.

Women’s Council Banner Ads Discounted in November

Now is a great time to promote yourself as the “go-to” Council member in your market, thanks to a 15 percent discount on banner ads in November. (For PMN designees, this discount applies on top of your already discounted rate!) View discounted rates for a 12-month banner ad. All banner ads appear above the search results – adhering to the important rule of location, location, location – setting you above the rest…literally.

Choose from a variety of templates customized with your own background images, photo and company logo. In addition to your name, you can include three lines of text (max 24 characters each). While banner ads are great to reference market location or contact information, you can also include a marketing slogan, business specialty or call to action. No graphic or design skills are needed. Simply complete the online form, upload your images, and the Women’s Council will do the rest.

Members who wish to create a banner ad from scratch (or use an existing one) may do so. The image must be configured to 326 x 102 pixels and not exceed 4Mb in size. All banner ads click through to the URL of your choosing.

Update Your Profile for Maximum Exposure 

Before you launch your ad, make sure your profile is up to date. If your name appears in the search results, your banner ad will also appear, whether for the city (specify up to five additional cities served, along with your home city), zip code or specialty, language, designations – any searchable field that you have populated in your Member Expertise Profile.

Tips for a Great Banner Ad

Banner ads are not just about getting a single referral or new listing. A strong banner ad works to get your name out, create professional recognition and drive people to your website – all of which will help grow your business network and create new client relationships.

Banner ads are most effective when they create interest. Here’s a few tips to consider when planning your banner ad. Keep in mind, both consumers and REALTORS® will see your ad.

  1. Keep it short and sweet. You have limited space and time to capture attention. Make the most of it.

  2. Say something tangible and verifiable, e.g.,Sold 75 homes in the past year.

  3. State your value proposition. What is it you do best that clients need most? Avoid fluff.

  4. Be creative. Think about what makes you different, and then how to say it differently.

  5. Use a current, professional photo. Enough said.

  6. Include a call to action, e.g., Call me today or Click for [city/region] expertise.

  7. Use meaningful images. If you include an image other than your photo and logo, make sure it conveys something meaningful about you, e.g., location, specialty, etc.

  8. View where your ad will appear. Do your own local market search and view others’ ads. If you’re creating a custom ad, choose colors that will stand out, but complement the page.

Before You Click “Order”…

Your profile is up to date and you’re ready to order your banner ad. For the best (and fastest) results, first make a list of five market areas you serve along with your home market. Spell out your message (check your spelling) in three lines, each not to exceed 24 characters. Have your high-resolution photos and images ready to upload (none larger than 4Mb), and copy the web page URL you want the ad to link to. All done? OK, go ahead and click order now.


Questions about Women's Council member banner ads can be directed to Jillian Thomas at JThomas@wcr.org.





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