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Chapter to Network Project: Exciting Proposed Changes to Move the Council Forward

by Your Women's Council Leadership Team

C2N InfographicWe are delighted to announce that we are proposing some exciting changes for the Council at the Governing Board meeting on November 6, 2016 in Orlando. 

Throughout dramatic change in organized real estate, Women's Council has prospered for over 78 years, because our members are innovative business leaders who earn more, do more referrals, and get more involved in the industry than our peers.

Since 1940, we've had the largest Network (Chapter) infrastructure in the REALTOR® family and are part of the REALTOR® fabric nationwide. These proposed changes will help bring the Networks into the future and make them viable for the next generation of Council members.

Three years ago, the Council created a Strategic Framework that recognized the need to streamline chapter operations to attract and enable member involvement and to build the effectiveness of Networks (Chapters) as consistent, high-quality delivery systems of membership value and the Council brand.

Two years ago, the Governing Board approved a two-year beta test for a set of state and local model bylaws that became the California Network Model — a model comprised of portions of our current models, best practices from our industry and from organizations around the country. The Network model is an evolution of brand standards, streamlined governance, organization nimbleness and added value for REALTORS®.  

We are excited to share with you that the test of the California Network Model was successful. The test deliverables include increased member satisfaction, more dynamic member events, growth in REALTOR® membership and local revenue, and increased brand awareness in industry and community. As in any good beta test, we used the feedback from the participants to make improvements and today we are excited to propose a new Network Model for all our local chapters.

We've developed some easy-to-read information on the Chapter to Network project via the attached fact sheet and frequently asked questions.

The new model we are proposing will impact bylaws at the national, state and local levels.

Amendments proposed to our national bylaws must be approved by the NAR legal department, NAR Board of Directors and our national governing board. During bylaws review with NAR, it came to our attention that our bylaws have not been updated in their entirety in the 78-year history of Women's Council; so along with the Network model changes, NAR's legal affairs division has proposed updating and streamlining our bylaws in order to bring them more in line with other Institutes, Societies, & Councils and to remove outdated and redundant language.  

The state and national bylaws changes/additions, which you can download below, are underlined and deletions are struck through. The strikethroughs, name changes, and rewording of terms reflects changes proposed by NAR's very capable legal affairs team.

For state proposed bylaws amendments, click here.

For national proposed bylaws amendments, click here.

For the proposed local Network Model Bylaws, you will not see strikethroughs and deletions. We have combined the best of our test model outcomes to create a new model.  

For network model bylaws, click here.

We appreciate your attention to these proposed changes. Please get in touch with anyone on the leadership team or staff with any questions, comments and concerns.

Your 2016 Leadership Team
Melissa Zimbelman, PMN - National President
Sherri Souza, PMN - National President-Elect
Jo Ann Stevens, PMN - National Recording Secretary
Heather Ozur, PMN - National Financial Secretary

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