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Defining the PMN

"We are part of a very powerful network, and my first choice for a referral partner is always a PMN designee."

Jo Kenney, PMN
2014 National President

It's true, there's something special about this network of forward-thinking and leadership-oriented individuals that truly stands out. It's more than just a designation or a one-shot training program. The Performance Management Network is a powerful connector for successful business leaders and an effective tool for building your bottom line.

To be a successful business leader in today's fast-paced market, one must not only be informed and have a clear understanding of the industry, but a leader must be able to provide innovative insight and solutions. Women's Council's curriculum courses provide that component and focus on real-world situations to help drive all leaders no matter rank, title or position.

The development of a successful referral business is an ongoing process that involves continuous communication, interaction and nurturing. The pre-established network of peers you’ll have available to you, as a PMN designee, is unparalleled among REALTOR® designations. Be inspired by the opportunities and knowledge base that comes from having premier access to a network of successful real estate professionals.


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