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The Most Usable Technology is the Sound of Your Own Voice

by Doug Devitre

AI PicA technology shift is happening quickly, with the most usable technology being the sound of your own voice. Think of all of the technology you have that just doesn’t seem to work. Open up an app, click a button, or enter in a password. You know the drill. The graphical user interface for websites or mobile apps requires us to perform a series of steps, that when you get it wrong, results in task failure, frustration, and a poor user-experience. Good news for us that aren’t very tech-savvy, now there is an easier way to control your technology with the sound of our own voice. And if you haven’t bought an Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot, or Echo Show before reading this article, you might just change your mind. 

Amazon Alexa is commanding a significant stronghold on the voice-enabled assistant market, as much as 82% of the market share compared to Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft Cortana according to a recent survey by Voicebot.ai. You can use Amazon Alexa to turn on the lights in your house, close the garage, lock the doors, check your home security system, and tell your family you love them all with the sound of your own voice. There are also applications for associations and your business as well.  

In order to get started using Amazon Alexa, I recommend you perform these steps.

#1 Create an account on http://alexa.amazon.com.

It’s free to create an Amazon Alexa account using your email address. If you already have an Amazon Account, you can start enabling Alexa Skills which are like apps specifically for Amazon Alexa. Think of an Alexa Skill compared to an app on Apple iPhone. Instead of downloading the app you enable the skill.

#2 Enable Amazon Alexa Skills that match your interest.  

There are thousands of Amazon Alexa Skills to choose from on the Amazon Store. If you type “real estate alexa” or “smart home alexa” in the Amazon search bar you will find some that you can use personally or suggest with clients. Examples include Office Policy, Real Estate Terms, or Real Smarts pre-license quiz, or the new Women’s Council Alexa Skill. Once you enable the Women’s Council Alexa Skill say to Alexa, “Alexa, open Women’s Council” to find out why you and others should consider getting involved.

#3 Learn how to ask Alexa better questions.

After you have started enabling skills, then you need to say the word Alexa and the invocation name. The invocation name is the term used for how to begin interacting with Amazon Alexa. If you aren’t sure of the invocation name, find the Alexa Skill on the Amazon website and it will tell you and give you examples with how to interact with the chosen skill. Then based upon the logic for how the Amazon Alexa Skill was built, you will need to learn how best to interact with it. When you speak to Alexa it recognizes the words you choose called utterances. The best Alexa skills have multiple utterances based upon the intent of the user to allow someone to ask multiple versions of the question to get the desired answer.

#4 Send friends, family, or clients a message on Amazon Alexa messaging service.

Instead of unlocking your mobile phone to then find your text-messaging app to the find the right contact to then type the message and then type send, you could easily have sent a text message with your own voice in a 10th of the time. The Amazon Alexa device for the recipient will turn green on top and receive a push notification with voice and transcribed voice of what you said. Instead of dialing you can call with your voice. Instead of launching Skype or Zoom, now you can use Amazon Echo Show to have a video conference call.

Amazon Alexa is only one technology trend that is having a significant impact on the real estate industry and Women’s Council of REALTORS® is proud to be a leader in bringing its members the latest tools to help their businesses. Enable the Women’s Council Alexa Skill today and say, “Alexa, open Women’s Council” to find out they key messages about the Council. The Council is present online and with social media. Now, we're adding Alexa and voice technology to the next frontier.


 About the Contributor

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Doug Devitre is a Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association, REBAC Hall of Fame, Educator, and Author of Screen to Screen Selling (McGraw Hill Education). He is proud to be collaborating with Women’s Council and introducing how Alexa and voice technology can change both associations and member’s business. As part of this collaboration, Doug will deliver a free webinar to members on the Top Ten Technology Trends with the cutting-edge training delivery techniques outlined in his book. Stay tuned for webinar announcements in early Fall.  



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