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Fire Up: Defining Your Personal Values

by Debra Trappen

TrappenHave you heard the buzz around “leveraging YOU in your brand” or “building a personal brand”? Are you curious what that means and how to start?

It is an honor to start you on your own Fire Up journey today and help you get clarity around this topic. In this new series, you can expect sassy tips, tools, and truths to help you define, design, and nurture the best version of YOU! Then I will share ways to help you translate it all into a brand, business culture, and attitude that all shine online to attract ideal connections, grow influence, and ultimately create a life and business that fire you up!

Designing a strong personal brand starts with focusing in on your “Core Four” Foundation:

  1. Defining Your Personal Core Values
  2. Filling Your Soultank
  3. Uncovering Your Life’s Purpose
  4. Creating Your Niche Statement

Let’s get started with the first element in your Core Four – your personal values!

The reality is most of us are unintentionally living out of alignment with our core values. Why? Well, mainly because we have never decided on what they are. We wake up and go on autopilot. We say yes to things we know we should say no to and vice-versa. When we do it – we feel cranky, exhausted, guilty or, even worse, we experience shame. If you are nodding your head and shouting – YES – I have definitely done that… shame OFF you! NOW is the time to stop, reevaluate, reprioritize, and finally GET REAL with the reflection in the mirror.

It is also important to remember - “Defining Your Values 101” has traditionally not been part of the general curriculum in grade school, high school, or even college. Once we make it through school, we jump into a career, get married (or not), raise a family (or not); and wake up one day feeling off – way off.

I believe when you understand and operate from your values, MAGIC happens. You become more confident saying NO. (Side note: NO is a complete sentence. Say it with me, NO! Doesn’t that feel good?) Think of your values as a compass or filter. If an opportunity doesn’t honor them, it is an easy NO. If it does align with your “true North” (aka values), it is something to consider. (We will dig deeper into this in a future post).

Simply put, stating your values is like embracing a SUPER POWER, and really - who doesn’t want to step into a super power?

For those of you ready to define yours and tap into that personal power - this month’s “Fire Me Up Work” is to complete the Core Values Exercise. You can download it here: debratrappen.com/eConnect-Values

Read through the exercise instruction and, if you have questions along the way, feel free to reach out to me!


About the Contributor

Debra Headshot 2017 Round Transparent

Debra Trappen is a Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Podcaster, and Author. She founded her company to serve growth-minded leaders – with a concentration on engaging, elevating, and empowering women. She helps you define, design, and intentionally live your signature life out loud, serve your communities, and become the change you wish to see - all with a fiery focus, confidence, and purpose.

When she is not idea-storming her next adventure or writing, interviewing, or recording in her Fire Up studio, you will find her enjoying quiet time devouring books and podcasts, walking her pups, watching Sci-Fi flicks or wine tasting with her hubby across the globe for her passion project, WomenOnWine.

Email: debra@debratrappen.com
Phone: (425) 894-1011
Website: debratrappen.com
Facebook: facebook.com/d11-fireup
Twitter: twitter.com/debra11
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