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The Untold Truth About Productivity Apps

by Amber De La Garza

ChristmascrazyarticlePicture yourself walking around a holiday networking function. You’re looking incredibly festive in your “ugly” Rudolph sweater, networking, devouring roasted chestnuts and egg nog, enjoying conversation, and commanding the room with ease. Now think what the first question is you are being asked. It’s probably not, “Have you tried the fruitcake?” Likely, it’s “So, what do you do (for a living)?” When I answer with, “I’m a productivity specialist,” I usually get a long pause while they process my answer. After an awkward moment of silence, their next question is almost always, “So what’s your favorite productivity app?”

Honestly, when I was first asked that question I was taken off guard and fumbled through my thoughts to produce a good answer. That’s because while I used many different apps that aid productivity, I didn’t have a favorite. How could I not have an answer though, considering my profession? So, I became determined to find the best productivity app on the market and wound up stumbling upon the untold truth about productivity apps.

I started my research by looking at the many self-proclaimed “productivity” apps I use on a daily basis. I asked myself, Which ones are both user-friendly AND helpful? and narrowed down the list. Then I asked, Which of these apps make me productive? The answer that swelled in my throat was, None! None of the “productivity” apps I use actually make me more productive even though they’re touted as the best productivity apps on the market. Trying to solve my dilemma, I further asked myself, What do I want to accomplish with an app that would make me more productive? I came up empty-handed again. How could that be? The answer was actually simple and stems from the fact that I do not define productivity the same way as most people.

After studying the subject of productivity endlessly, I know that…

Productivity Is NOT Organization

Despite what you may have heard, “productivity experts” who equate being organized with being productive are wrong! We’ve all met super organized people with super organized closets and super clean desks who are anything but super productive.

Productivity is NOT Efficiency

Despite what you also may have heard, “productivity experts” who equate being efficient with being productive are wrong as well. Productivity is about being effective, not about being efficient.

Being organized and being efficient can help you be productive, but they do not make you productive. That is because…

Productivity Is Simply Living Out The Choice To…

Invest your best time into your best activities.   

Productivity PicWe are all unique, as are our production goals, our vision of success, and how we plan on achieving them. So how can we put ourselves in a box and say productivity is a one-size-fits-all solution that an app can solve?

We can’t! It can’t.

Only you can decide what your best time is and what your best activities are based on what you desire to accomplish. An abundance of apps can save you time, make tasks easier, track your progress, eliminate distractions, increase the efficiency of your systems, and organize your tasks and emails. You could even utilize every single one of the top 10 “productivity” apps to their fullest capability and still be undeniably unproductive. That’s because at the end of the day, being productive has nothing to do with fancy technology but everything to do with how you choose to use your time. Productivity is a matter of personal decision. YOU are the gargantuan variable in the productivity equation and there’s just no app for that. No app can magically make you a productive person.

To be productive, you simply have to invest your best time into your best activities - the activities which bring you closer to reaching your goals and vision of success. That’s true productivity. And because productivity is an ongoing process, you have to take responsibility for making the decision to be productive consistently. That's what successful people do! They make the right choice and choose that path over and over again, day after day.

This holiday season when I’m asked, “What’s your favorite app to be productive?” I know to reply, “There’s no app for that!”

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Delagarza CIRCLEAmber De La Garza is The Productivity Specialist! Amber is a sought-after coachtrainerspeakerwriter, and host of the Productivity Straight Talk podcast. She helps real estate professionals take consistent, massive, focused action in your business. Amber equips you with the specific techniques you need to master your mindset, expand your skill set, and build business systems so you can reduce your stress, increase your production, dominate the market, and make more time for what matters most. Amber also passionately shares her message with entrepreneurs all over the world as a contributor for The Huffington Post, Women's Council Magazine, Choices Magazine, and Las Vegas Agent Magazine.

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