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The 9 Awesome Benefits Of Digitizing Your Task List

by Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist

Productivity PicIf your office looks like a tie-dyed mess of brightly colored Post-it® notes, it’s time to step into the era of digitization…starting with your task list! It’s absolutely essential to work from a digital task list to be the most efficient and effective. Bye-bye random scratch pads, napkins, and sticky notes. Reap the many benefits of digitizing your task list today!

Digital Task List Benefits

  1. Centralized
    Tasks on paper tend to multiply rapidly, finding homes in random places like on computer screens, client files, and napkins. Capture all your tasks and reminders in one convenient, centralized location on a digital task list.

  1. Always Backed Up
    If you lost the notebook you wrote down all of your tasks inside, you’d likely freak out. You would struggle to remember tasks and might have lost important contact information, thus potential business. Activate the appropriate settings on your digital task list program so it will be backed up online and impossible to lose.

  1. Calendar Integration
    You can best utilize this feature of digital task lists in two ways. First, you can clearly see tasks scheduled for particular days while scheduling appointments. That visual should remind you that even though you have an open block of time on your calendar, you do not necessarily have adequate time for an appointment. Secondly, it enables you to prioritize tasks based on time available between appointments, thus ensuring you do not overschedule yourself.

  1. Email Integration
    Stop treating your inbox like a task list! Doing so means you repeatedly inundate yourself with others’ requests of you instead of accomplishing what you need to do. With a digital task list, you can set up one-click integration to easily add pertinent information from emails to tasks during their creation.

  1. Access On All Mobile Devices
    Capture tasks on your digital list whenever and wherever by syncing your devices. Each task created on the go will be on your computer when you return to the office and are ready to work. Syncing your devices also means you will have convenient access to view and complete simple tasks while out of the office.

  1. Set Up Reoccurring Tasks
    Never forget a reoccurring task like purging files, following up with clients, paying bills, or changing air filters again. You can automate reminders for reoccurring tasks daily, weekly, monthly or yearly using a digital task list. This removes the inefficiency of repeatedly writing down tasks that require completion on a reoccurring basis.

  1. Categorize  
    You can quickly prioritize tasks by grouping similar ones together for greater efficiency. Initially, group tasks as either Administrative or Revenue Generating. That will help you stay focused on your goals because it forces you to identify the benefit from completing each task and the order you should complete them. Use specific categories for each project or division in your business if you want to take categorizing to another level.

  1. Assign Dates
    Written task lists typically lack vital information - the due date! So, the assumption is that the task must be completed today. The reality is many tasks don’t need to be accomplished today or even the next, but your attention is constantly being drawn to them. Digital task lists enable you to assign due dates so you do not need to look at tasks until the appropriate time, thus freeing up time to focus on tasks that require your immediate attention. 

  1. Automatic Roll-Over
    There will be many days you will not complete all of your tasks, maybe even any of your tasks! It is super-efficient to have uncompleted tasks automatically roll over to the next day as opposed to scrolling through pages of paper trying to capture uncompleted tasks amidst all of the crossed-out ones. Going digital means you’ll never have to rewrite tasks again.

If you aim to be efficient with your time and increase your productivity, take advantage of the multiple benefits of operating off a digital task list. Microsoft Outlook® is a great task manager but there are several on the market that also feature these great benefits. Choose the one that’s right for you and experience the mind-blowing ripple effects of increased productivity in your life.

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De La Garza ThumbAmber De La Garza is a Personal Productivity Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant with a wide range of clients from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. With her guidance, professionals, business owners, and corporations maximize their success by improving their productivity. Amber specializes in helping entrepreneurs outperform their competition and dominate the market while reducing stress and making time for what matters most! Amber is a contributor for The Huffington Post, Choices Magazine, and Las Vegas Agent Magazine.

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