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Jaw-Dropping Growth in RPAC by Women’s Council Members

by Sara Lipnitz, PMN

Wcr Infographic RPAC 2017The data has just come in from last year (2016), and the growth in REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) participation is nothing short of jaw-dropping for Women’s Council.

At 11,500 members, Women’s Council represents only 1% of the National Association of REALTORS® overall membership. But our participation in the NAR organization is "supersized". From leadership, engagement, income and business, Women’s Council members statistically always tower above the average statistics and figures. But the growth from 2015 to 2016 deserves some analysis and attention.

Check out the figures:

Participation rates are up. We grew from a 71% increase in 2015 to a 75% increase in 2016, growth in one year of 4%! This is more than double participation of all REALTORS®, which is at 33% (up 2% from 31% last year for all of NAR). Women’s Council participation rate grew twice as fast as the rest of REALTORS®!

Total investment is up. Women’s Council members invested $2,181,628 in RPAC last year, an increase of almost $200,000 versus 2015 – that’s growth in dollars of 10%. The total amount invested by all REALTORS® in 2016 was about $30 million, so 7% of all RPAC dollars raised were by Women’s Council members. This translates to an average contribution of $244.04 per Women’s Council member, versus around $27.27 per REALTOR®. 

Investment levels are up. From 2015 to 2016, Women’s Council major investors grew by 121 (1,040 to 1161) an 11% increase. For President’s Circle members, it grew by 46 (1,040 to 1,161) an 11% increase. 

Only ¼ of you do not invest in RPAC.  You may ask the questions: "As a Women’s Council member, I pay dues. Isn’t that enough?" or "Why should I, as a Women's Council member, invest in RPAC?"

Politics are happening. Whether you're paying attention or not, politics that affect your day-to-day business are happening around you. At the local, state and national level. It's hard to stay on top of it all and manage your day-to-day business. Investing in the REALTOR® Party helps to ensure someone is out there advocating on your behalf.

The boomerang effect. Your investment in RPAC keeps coming back to you. Take mortgage interest deductibility. It's easy to assume it will always be there. Think again. The growing federal debt, weak economic recovery and continued growth of tax complexity have all kept tax reform high on Congress' agenda. The ongoing debate has put a variety of tax laws, including those affecting our industry, under increased scrutiny. How many sales might you lose without a strong REALTOR® Party to fight to keep mortgage interest deductibility? 2017 will be a busy year for sure, advocating for REALTOR®-friendly positions on issues are paramount.

Showcase your commitment. Let clients know you're worth that commission and more! Investing in RPAC (and proudly promoting that fact) is a great way to communicate your value to clients. You give back so they can afford a house. You give back to help build the strong communities in which they live. You give back to protect their investment in private property. Women’s Council and RPAC are strong credentials to showcase to your clients.

Building Business Leadership in the Council. When you invest in RPAC, you invest in a stronger relationship with NAR. Supporting the REALTOR® Party builds bridges between NAR and Women's Council that serve both groups. With more bridges, there are more opportunities to identify talent to pull into the Women’s Council. Alternatively, NAR can see the effective group of leaders in Women's Council and look to them as a group that gets things done.

I’m proud to have been your Women's Council of REALTOR® Party Liaison during this tremendous year of growth.  I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring.  Invest in RPAC today! 

Lipnitz ThumbAbout the Contributor

Sara Lipnitz is a member of the Women's Council Birmingham-Bloomfield Network and has been the Women's Council RPAC Liaison since 2015.

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