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Five FUNdamental Apps to Better Your Business

by Jeff Chalmers

Apps ArticleA fresh year is a time of contemplation and goal setting, but the time flies so fast (it's March already!!) and furious that many people suffer with unnecessary stress. Why stress out over something so simple? They’re anxiously looking for the “better mouse trap” to just fall in their lap. No worries - you’re not alone. There are countless real estate professionals who are searching for that one app or solution that can make them not just productive, but, most importantly, incredibly profitable.

So, what does 2017 have in store for you? This year will be BIG on two different business engagement methods: video and mobile. To aid you in your journey to profitability, I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite apps that will help bring you and your business to the next level:

  1. YouMail – Impressions are important. So is communication. This solution is an inexpensive, effective and productive app that enables you to never miss a call and to communicate with your clients in the most professional of ways. Communicate like the true professional you are.

  1. AM Open House – There isn’t a REALTOR® alive that doesn’t appreciate the pipeline-building benefits of an Open House. With this app, you can leverage the technology to make your next weekend marketing opportunity worthwhile and profitable. I love how it syncs with CRMs.

  2. Contactually – Many agents are familiar with the letters CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), yet the percentage of professionals using this type of sales solution is staggeringly low. The most important part of relationship building isn’t always during, but just as important after. This solution will turn the boring CRM into a turbo version of "Constantly Raining Money".

  3. BombBomb – Every sales person introduces and follows-up via email, so if you’re one of them, then you’re not exactly separating yourself from the competition. However, imagine thinking outside the box – using video. Surprisingly, video is the most engaging method for mobile communicating and many sales professionals just aren’t doing it. Well, now you can.

  4. HomeKeepr – How many Buyers receive some tangible value following closing? Not many. Yet, this app provides the insights to homeownership with the benefits of local vendors to build your business (and you) into the hyper-local expert. At this price, you can’t miss and your clients will love you for it, plus you get to market your local vendors to create a quality marketing sphere.

BONUS: DocuSign Transaction Room – Do you use Dropbox? Can you imagine Dropbox on steroids, but with the capabilities of transaction management and esigning? NAR saw the value of this company back in 2009 when it invested several million dollars. Why reinvent the wheel?

Now, none of these will guarantee the success you’re searching for unless you actually use them.  So, before you download these apps, please first take a look at the apps and solutions on your computers (yes, your phone is a mini computer) that you use most and make decluttering a priority. You’ll find the less distractions you create, the more productive you’ll be and the more productive you are, the more profitable you can be.

Need help with “
Mastering Your Mindset” or “Organizing Your eOffice”? I can help for no fee. Whether it’s you (individually), your team, your office or your brokerage, contact me for details on ways I can make you more efficient, productive and, most importantly, profitable.

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Chalmers ThumbA 25 year veteran of our industry, Jeff Chalmers works actively in the fields of technology & communication with several Women's Council Regions. He is also a well-respected NAR Trainer, popular Inman Ambassador and the Founder and Chief eStrategist for REsults Consulting.

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