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Women's Council Representative to NAR Committees Opportunity -- Act Now

by Heather Ozur, 2018 President-Elect

In last month's article, I outlined the Leadership Identification & Development process for Women's Council and the committee appointment process for NAR. You will want to go through both of the processes to be considered, and you have less than 30 days to act.  

One of the unique opportunities to connect your leadership and volunteerism in both entities is to be a Women's Council representative to NAR. Only those who applied through the NAR application process will be considered for these posts, which serves an important connector role between our organizations. Women's Council has one appointment as representatives on the following NAR Committees: 

NAR Business Issues Policy Committee
NAR Federal Financing & Housing Policy
NAR Global Business & Alliances Committee
NAR Professional Development Committee
NAR Professional Standards Committee
NAR Public Policy Coordinating Committee (2-year term)
RPAC Major investor Council
NAR RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee (one member will be chosen to represent ALL affiliates)

The application process was outlined last month, but as a reminder here is how the 2019 process works:

Application Website
Appointment Timeline
Committee Composition & Structure

Being involved nationally allows you to contribute to the decision-making processes, and gain experience beneficial to further your leadership roles. You develop personal and professional networks that stretch you professionally, along with the satisfaction of making a difference on a national scale. And the good news is that as a Women’s Council member, you are statistically more likely to get "picked" given the respect the organization has nationally.  If you have any questions about the process, reach out directly to me.

OzurcircleHeather Ozur, PMN - 2018 National President-Elect


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