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Top 10 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolution Will Bomb (And How To Not Let It)

by Amber De La Garza

NewyearresolutionsIt’s the beginning of a new year and the start of a new you. You have a new sense of hope partnered with an admirable New Year’s resolution in your pocket that you’re determined will succeed. The problem? It likely won’t. In fact, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February and only 8% succeed at all. Want to be one of the few people whose resolutions succeed? First, determine why your resolution is currently destined to bomb.

Simply put, you’re most likely thinking of your resolution as what it’s definition states it to be, “a firm decision to do or not to do something,” when that’s not all there is to it! Furthermore, you’re probably even graying that area in the back of your mind, thinking of your resolution as a behavior modification in which you will or will not do something as much or as little. Whether you want to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, make more money, or have more meaningful relationships, altering your behavior on its own is not going to help you succeed in accomplishing your resolution.

Stop thinking of your resolution as a mere behavior modification and start treating it as a goal. Most of the top resolutions from 2017 failed (often miserably) because they were not written as goals but merely dreamed up as wishes. Don’t fixate your time and effort on a resolution that’s destined to bomb. Instead, transform the idea for your resolution into a New Year’s goal that’s destined to succeed. Here’s how...

Make Your New Year’s Goal:

  1. Strategic
    Your resolution must align with your other goals. Your goal of cutting back your staffing budget and your resolution of taking more time off to spend with family may conflict with each other and therefore at least one of them is likely to fail. 

  1. Measurable
    Great resolutions can easily be quantified. If there’s no numeric value in your resolution, consider adding one. I will close 12 additional transactions via my sphere of influence would be much more measurable than I will close more transactions in 2018.

  1. Attainable
    Make a goal to grow your business but not a far-fetched one. Going from 24 transactions last year to 150 transactions in 2018 isn’t impossible but make sure to keep your resources and current team in mind. Create a goal that pushes you to level up on last year’s success but don’t set yourself up to fall short.

  1. Rewarding
    Resolutions should move you forward toward a positive payoff. Less stress, more energy, feeling better, finding love, enjoying life, more clients, and higher profits are all positive payoffs.

  1. Trackable
    If you’re unable to track your progress toward your resolution, it’s hard to establish momentum and gain the traction and confidence you need to follow through with your pursuit. Having trackable goals also allows you to know if you’re on track or not so course corrections can be made.

  1. Specific
    You can’t be vague when it comes to resolutions. Set a specific goal. How much do you want your profits to increase by? How many more clients do you want by March? The more detailed your resolution, the better aim you’ll have when shooting for it.

  1. Meaningful
    Your resolution should be YOUR resolution – no one else’s. Is building a team important to YOU or just what you were told you needed to do to be successful? If you lack the passion to attain your resolution, it’s sure to fail.

  1. Action-Oriented  
    You need to have an actionable plan of HOW you’re going to achieve your resolution. Block out actions associated with your resolution on your calendar because if you don’t make time to do what it takes to achieve it, you won’t. Eat A Healthy Lunch, Leg Day At The Gym, and Call 10 Warm Leads will fare far better for your resolution than Lose Weight, Get Toned, and Attract New Clients.

  1. Relevant
    Your resolution should support your vision of success both personally and professionally. If succeeding at your resolution would mean straying off the path toward the dream you’ve always had for your future, reevaluate your resolution so it makes sense.

  1. Time-Bound
    Any resolution that is worthy of your time and effort, is worthy of a deadline. Deadlines prevent you from getting roped in to spending your finite time on all sorts of less important tasks and projects that are not time-sensitive. In turn, they help you prioritize and focus on what’s most important.

Whether for your business or personal life, if you want your 2018 resolution not to bomb, you must create it to be a SMART ² goal as outlined above. 92% of people are bad at seeing their resolutions through but then again, most people don’t take the time to edit their initial New Year’s resolution and convert it into a SMART ² goal that is designed to succeed.

You got this! I know you can be successful with your New Year’s resolutions.

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