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3 Keys To Taking Your Goals To The Next Level

by Debra Trappen

Business Planning BorderConversations around goal-setting are at the forefront right now and writing New Year's Resolutions are on nearly everyone’s mind.

Now, I know some of you reading this have already nailed down your 2018 vision, others of you may be carrying shame or having a panic attack because you haven’t even started. Regardless, this post is for you. Take a deep breath and read on...

These three simple keys (and a challenge) will have you review and write reachable, achievable goals:

1. Review the WHY behind each goal.

Why, exactly, do you want to accomplish each of your goals?

Painting a purpose-filled picture of what will happen AFTER you accomplish it will give you even more incentive to accomplish your goals.

Start with these two questions and let it flow from there:

  • What will you gain when you achieve it?

  • What is at risk if you don’t?

You will start to connect with your goals in a new way - once you have done this.

2. Reachable goals are WRITTEN and VISUAL.  

Most of us recognize that accomplishing what you want starts with writing your big goals down so you can see them. The act of writing a goal down vastly increases positive results.

In addition, successful people write out small steps towards achieving their BIG goals - every single morning. This is a brilliant exercise and reminder of the personal priorities and professional objectives you are seeking.

Take it to 11 by creating a visual representation of your list.

I create a Pinterest “Vision Board” with images to represent what I want to achieve. It includes places I desire to speak, cities I want to travel to, or a quote that represents the feeling I want to embrace in the months ahead.

Once you have YOUR words and images together, print and post them up where you can see it every day. Review and revise it each month as you achieve a goal or pivot a new direction!

Read more on creating a vision board here.

3. Achievable goals are GUIDED BY YOUR VALUES.

One of the most consistent reasons my clients and audiences give as to why they have failed to achieve their past goals was that they have a conflict between their behavior and their values.  They just didn’t know it until they went through this process.

For instance, if you value freedom, starting your own business may be calling you… however, you may have issues if you also value financial security.  

To be clear: This does not mean you can’t start your own business, but it does mean how you design your plan must include a layer of financial security as you build out your dream business.

Knowing and honoring your core values is so powerful. When your values and your goals are in alignment - there is no limit to what you can achieve.  You are truly unstoppable.  

If you have not defined or reviewed your values, you can download one here!

When you set purpose-filled, visually represented goals that are consistent with your values you take your success rate to a new level.

If you’re ready to really dig into your goals to review, refine, and reset where needed - take my 11 day challenge!

Here is to a magical goal setting and reviewing session in your future!



About the Contributor

Trappen CircleDebra Trappen is a Motivational Speaker, Trainer, Podcaster, and Author. She founded her company to serve growth-minded leaders – with a concentration on engaging, elevating, and empowering women. She helps you define, design, and intentionally live your signature life out loud, serve your communities, and become the change you wish to see - all with a fiery focus, confidence, and purpose.

When she is not idea-storming her next adventure or writing, interviewing, or recording in her Fire Up studio, you will find her enjoying quiet time devouring books and podcasts, walking her pups, watching Sci-Fi flicks or wine tasting with her hubby across the globe for her passion project, WomenOnWine.

Email: debra@debratrappen.com
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