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5 Tips To Master Task List Management

by Amber De La Garza

June ProductivityGot a task list? Sure you do.

As a savvy real estate professional, you recognize the benefits of working from a task list are well worth the efforts to maintain one. They can promote a sense of peace, reduce feeling overwhelmed, offer freedom, help you organize and prioritize, aid you in managing your time, empower you to make decisions, and enable you to take purposeful action to increase your production.

Even so, if you don’t manage your task list masterfully, you could still feel overwhelmed, out of time, and like your tasks and activities are controlling you instead of the other way around. Even good task lists are not fail-proof.

Ready to take back control of your time, business, and life? Start seeing the results you crave by utilizing these tips to master your task list:

5 Tips To Master Task List Management

1. Keep It Central

Do you have tasks on sticky notes, crowding your inbox, dancing in your head, and jotted on steno pads? If your task list is scattered haphazardly across many mediums, you will default to keeping your tasks in your head which inevitably fails. Start centralizing your tasks in one location and you will never lose or forget a task again as they will all be clearly visible in one location.

Keeping a central location for all your tasks also means you will be able to review, prioritize, and proactively conquer them on a daily and weekly basis. If you choose not to keep all your tasks in one central location, you will be forced to react to your most urgent tasks and get stuck in the fire fighter method of task completion. Centralizing your task list is the most efficient way to move through your to-dos with focus and purposeful action. 

2. Go Digital

Utilize a digital task list to most effectively and efficiently manage your tasks. The features of digital task lists make the possible pain of upgrading totally worth it: centralized, always backed up, calendar and email integration, access on all mobile devices, recurring tasks, categories, date assignment, and automatic roll-over. When ditching paper to switch to digital, do your homework and ensure the task list management software you choose offers all the features you will want to use.

3. Use Verbs

Begin each of your tasks with an action verb. Doing so clearly defines the action that needs to be taken, thus removing the guess work. It also ensures you don’t add large, generalized tasks to your list which leads to feeling overwhelmed and failing to act. Verbs inherently trigger action and uncomplicate tasks. They entice you to complete tasks instead of put them on the back burner. Go one step further and fully capitalize each action verb to make batching like tasks together and prioritizing easier. Here are some examples:

General vs. Verberized Task List

  • Samantha Smith vs. CALL - Samantha Smith re: marketing meeting
  • Doug vs. EMAIL – Doug Adams re: consultation
  • Profit & Loss vs. REVIEW – June Profit & Loss statement
  • CRM vs. RESEARCH – CRM programs
  • Newsletter vs. CREATE – November newsletter
  • Cake vs. ORDER -  Cake for Sarah Tidmoor’s birthday party

4. Be Consistent

To master task list management, you must trust the system and consistently be using your task list all the time, both to capture your tasks and to work from. Consistency is vital to your success. If you only use your task list some days but not others, or for some tasks but not for others, you will fail to reap its numerous benefits. Continuing to keep some tasks in your head, some on random pieces of paper, and some in your inbox doesn’t work! If you lack consistency, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed will continue and hold you back from working productively.

5. Walk Away

Productivity Article

Literally. After you have remained focused and worked diligently from your task list throughout your work day, walk away from it. No, you might not have completed all your tasks but no one can work 24 hours in a row day after day. No one. Let go of the notion you’re going to get every single one of your tasks done. Thinking so is counterproductive. It opens the door for stress and feeling overwhelmed to creep in. That is why it is so important to tackle your high-priority, goal-centric tasks first! Anything else you complete then, is just a bonus to your already productive day.

If you want to take control of your life, your business, and the direction they’re headed, you need to be in control of the necessary tasks within them. The easiest way to do so is to manage your task list masterfully. When used together, the tips outlined above are a valuable productivity tool that can help you get off the never-ending ride on the carrousel of task management stress.

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