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Tech Transformation at the Council | Exciting Changes Coming this Year!

by Jo Ann Stevens, 2018 National President

Blog1Nothing is constant but change and in today’s ever-changing world, technology becomes obsolete about every three years. Thanks to excellent stewardship our website and database have lasted more than ten years. Now it is time for a change!

I’m excited to share with you that your leadership team and staff are embarking on a new adventure to replace our 12-year-old database and website. In our travels to local Networks, we heard your concerns about the website so we decided to act!

By Fall 2018, we’ll be launching a new database and website that will have a new look and feel, improve user experience, and respond to design technology. Sites for local and state Networks will receive a comprehensive overhaul as well, with ease of use and better functionality. In the coming months, your Council will be hard at work behind the scenes laying the groundwork for the Fall launch.

It is said that a website and database are the important assets of an association, but at Women’s Council, our most important assets are our members and the dedicated volunteerism that is unprecedented in any other organization. To that degree, I’ve appointed a website/technology project team of rank and file members who have experience in website design and are users of our current local Network websites. In Spring, they will provide direction to staff on the wish lists of a new website. Staff will then be liaising with technology vendors to assure that the final product is member-centric.

We want to hear from you with ideas on how to make our new website world class. Between now and March 16, drop us a note and give us your ideas and thoughts on what you’d like to see on an improved website. Send a message to wcr@wcr.org and write in the subject line: Website Idea Submission. We’ll collect responses and make sure they are submitted to the project team and staff. No idea is too small. We look forward to hearing from you.

I’m excited to announce these changes, which will bring better member value, provide improved visibility to you as a business leader in our organization, and ensure that our go-to source for information, ideas, and referrals is exceptional.

-Jo Ann Stevens, PMN - 2018 National President



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