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Top Tips to Get Organized, Generate Leads, and ROCK Real Estate Life

by Angela Kristen Taylor, Real Estate Productivity Coach for Moms

WCR DisorganizedAs our kids head back to school, it’s common to feel a sense of pure elation at the feeling of having 7 entire hours of dedicated, uninterrupted time to devote to your career but you may also be wondering how you can make the best use of it. You don’t want 3:00pm to show up with nothing accomplished. You’re not alone. 

In 15 years of coaching real estate agents, 98% of them have come to me feeling disorganized, unable to manage their time well, and frequently were ending their day unsure of what they actually accomplished.

So how do you get back in the swing of things after Summer break, get yourself organized, generate more leads, and get to the school’s car line feeling like a rockstar and fully prepared for family time?

Start with a Clean, Uncluttered Work Space

Think of your desk representing the thoughts in your head. If your desk is a mess, so are your thoughts. If your desk is clean and uncluttered, you will be able to accomplish much more and do so without feeling scattered. 

Most agents do not fit the “type A” organized personality type so keep this in mind when sorting out your work space. I know you love new notebooks and planners but be honest with yourself- you write in them and then don’t look in them again or forget which notebook you wrote that phone number in. I get you. I have been you. Try using your phone for much better results. Trust me.

All appointments go in your phone’s calendar as you are making them. Do not ever tell yourself you’ll put it in there later because you’ll forget and then when you finally remember, you’ll have forgotten which day or time and inadvertently not show up or you’ll realize you already had an appointment at the exact same time. Do it now, not later.

WCR Phone Organization

All contacts go in your phone- not scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper from the dark depths of your purse. You’ll lose track of it. All notes get written in the notes section of your phone or use the Evernote app. Evernote allows you to easily find things by running a search for any keyword you remember. Much better than trying to sort through several notebooks with pretty motivational covers, hunting for that one page that has that one note you need to have in front of you now. How much time have you wasted looking for important things?

If We Don’t Have Leads, We Don’t Have Business

Our most important activity is lead generation. The best way to start this is the day before. Set out a list of the people you want to call- this could be FSBOS, follow-ups, past clients, or sphere contacts. Have their names and contact info ready. 

Think about other ways you could connect- meetup groups, pop-ins, networking events. What things are happening this week that you can engage in and who can you go visit? Have them on your calendar by Sunday evening and have a plan ready for how you will introduce yourself, what questions you will ask, and what you will have as your follow-up reference. Set a goal for how many people you will engage with at each event.

If you’re unsure of what to ask, a good frame of reference is FROG- Family, Relationships, Occupation, and Goals. When you ask detailed questions, they will mirror them back to you and you will be memorable… especially if you follow-up with a handwritten note.

WCR Lead Gen

Are You Ready to ROCK This Real Estate Mom Life Thing?

Mastering those key activities above will entirely change your work day for the better. You’ll get more accomplished, waste less time, generate more leads, feel better about yourself, and show up in that car line, knowing you have rocked your day, and feeling completely prepared to take on homework management, afterschool activities, and dinner. You’ll also be able to feel completely present rather than stuck in your head, running back and forth to the computer, listening out for your phone, and all the other things that take you away from that precious family time. 

About the Contributor

KirstintaylorcircleAngela Kristen Taylor is a Real Estate Mama turned Coach with first-hand experience of what it's like to tackle the two hardest things to do in life - build a successful business and raise a family - at the same time. With 5 kids from ages 4-22, 3 dogs, and an amazing husband who drives her wild, Angela lays it down in humorous, genuine, "real world" style and offers truly life-saving, business saving, sanity saving programs that will get you Kicking the Chaos to the Curb and ROCKING Real Estate Mom Life! For more info on Angela, Master Agent Life, and the Rocking Real Estate Mamas™ coaching program launching this fall, visit www.MasterAgentLife.com




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