Contra Costa

Katey Dallosto, "Clarity With Clients"

August 03, 2018 - 9:00 AM

Ever have one of those moments where you thought you understood your client only to be left in a fog following a conversation?  Then don't miss this session with Katey Dallosto.

Katey Dallosto is a national trainer, business coach and sales consultant, with over 25 years of business, sales and leadership experience. Her areas of expertise include: lead generation, relationship building, productivity training, personality profiling, recruiting, sales training, public speaking and business planning.

Over her career, Katey has been responsible for developing profitable relationships by empowering her partners through growth and understanding. Katey utilizes a fun and engaging style of training to achieve the desired results for her clients with an emphasis on accountability.

Location Details:

1333 N. California Blvd.
Walnut Creek,  California