Create an Unstoppable Mindset and Adopt Habits to CRUSH 2019!

January 17, 2019


*Managing your thoughts and emotions

*How to choose new habits that will support more success and joy

*How to get yourself to do the things you know you should be doing when you don’t feel like doing them

Kelly Resendez is a mom, business executive, best selling author and influencer. She loves helping others with strategies to overcome self-sabotage and find more joy. Author of the new and already popular book Big Voices, is also founder of the movement the book is named for, Big Voices a women-empowered network.

Kelly is passionate about helping people increase joy, reduce suffering and learn to think differently. Her own journey has helped her create the strategies and tools that she shares throughout her books.

Currently, Kelly is the Executive Vice President of Paramount Partners Group, which is a division of Loan Pal. She uses the same concepts of mindfulness, self-discovery, and goal setting to help those in the mortgage and real estate industries create a successful business.

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