Mile High

August Luncheon - Sam Powell

August 23, 2018

Sam Powell - A Realtor since 2002, she's seen the market up and seen the market down.  In an up market, things move fast and the style of business is aggressive.  In a down market, you actually learn the business of real estate - how to get clients adn grow your business.   Most importantly both have been a great learning experience.

Fundamentally, an educator, not by education but by style.  If you talk to her with your realtor hat on, she wants to learn about real estate, how you can position yourself for maximum gain in the long term.  I want you to succeed whether you work with  me or not.  Informed consumers make the economy stronger.

If you're a fellow Realtor seeking guidance, she's here to mentor and coach - be it about running your business, the mechanics of a deal, knowing your value, some technology tool or just her philosophies of fiscal responsibility to your clients.

Location Details:

The Viewhouse
7101 South Clinton Street
Centennial,  Colorado  80112