Canyon County

The Dreaded M's: Meth and Marijuana

May 19, 2017

Join Us Friday May 19, 2017 at Nampa Civic Center 311 Third St S in Nampa from 8:30am-10am!

Topic: The Dreaded M's: Meth and Marijuana | Nampa Police Department Idaho

Speaker: Sergeant Oren McGuire, Nampa Police Department Idaho

Sergeant McGuire serves the Property Crimes Unit of the Criminal Investigations Division investigates crimes such as robbery, fraud, forgery, insufficient funds checks, burglary, grand thefts and internet fraud. The Property Crimes Unit is staffed by 7 investigators and 1 community service officer. His unit mission is to recover stolen property and hold accountable those responsible for committing those crimes.

With help from the local community members and community service officers, the Property Crimes Unit monitors the sale of stolen property through pawn shops and recycled metal businesses, in order to identify thieves using legitimate businesses to fence their stolen goods.

Detectives from the Property Crimes Unit also maintain partnerships with area business owners in a proactive attempt to reduce inventory loss from job sites and through employee theft.

Thank you to our Strategic Partners: Building Specs Property Inspections

Please make your RSVP by Monday May 15th to Kathryn Lyon-Pierson at or (208) 465-5556. Guests are welcome to attend two meetings before becoming members.

*A Friendly Reminder: If you RSVP and do not attend, you will be billed. Cancellations must be received by May 15th deadline*

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Location Details:

311 3rd Street So
Nampa,  Idaho  83651