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     Can you believe it!!! We are half way through the year!   I hope everyone is having a great start to summer2018, and a very prosperous one as well.   Believe it or not, we are looking ahead to the fall and winter months, and to the new year!  This is the time when we love our future leaders to step forward and plant their flag.   Let us know if you have any interest in becoming one of our project team leaders, treasurer, secretary, or President elect.   We always look for new faces and ideas.  We look forward to seeing you at the Golf outing and and our future events!!

If at any time you have Questions, comments, or are interested in becoming a Women’s Council Leader, Feel free to call, text, or email me.


Christopher K. VanBelle

2018 Lake Pointe President


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Chris VanBelle
Lake Pointe President

Here at the Women's Council, we strive to provide timely, accessible programming, great networking and opportunities for your personal and professional growth.


Women'sCouncil members send and receive referrals with confidence, knowing that their values are shared when it comes to providing outstanding service to their clients.

We encourage members to get involved, because we know that participation translates to personal growth and leadership development. We meet you where you are in your skill development and take you to the next level.