Great Northwest

Leadership/About Us

Your 2017 Governing Board is comprised of a great group of dedicated people – a good mix of past officers and fresh minds and perspectives.  Your Membership team is headed up by Ashley Scott, who has assisted in a number of past events including our two major fund raisers – the 2016 Golf Tournament and 2016 Casino Night – and chaired our Membership Committee.  Your Secretary from 2016, Mary Papageorge, is continuing on into 2017 as Secretary. Mary has served over several years in many capacities, local and at the State level, on committees too numerous to mention.  She brings a wealth of experience to the board.  Meredith Catrett joins the board as our Treasurer, bringing her 20+ years of public accounting skills to bear, after retiring as a CPA and beginning her career as a REALTOR.  Your 2017 President, Tammy Nordquist, will lend her organizational and planning skills to help steer our Network in a profitable and educational direction.  Tammy has chaired numerous committees, served as Ways & Means, and orchestrated a number of events for the Network.  Standing in the wings for leadership in 2018, your President Elect, Bret Nordquist, served as VP of Membership, Ways and Means Chair, and chaired a host of positions on events and committees, both local and at the State level.  To a member, they are all prepared to serve the membership and promote your success in 2017.  

One of the keys to open any door of opportunity is Involvement, and your input and collaboration on the upcoming events and programs in 2017 is greatly encouraged.  One mind alone can make a thing happen, but many minds combined can make great things happen.  Take advantage of all the Women’s Council has to offer, from scholarships to referrals and relationship building.  Open the door to a successful 2017.