Great Northwest

Leadership/About Us

Your 2018 Governing Board is comprised of a great group of dedicated people – a good mix of past officers and fresh minds and perspectives.  Meredith Catrett is currently the Network President and has shared the position this year with Bret Nordquist. Ann Marie Draper is the Secretary, and Tammy Nordquist is the Membership Director.  To a member, they are all prepared to serve the membership and promote your success in 2018.  

One of the keys to open any door of opportunity is Involvement, and your input and collaboration on the upcoming events and programs in 2018 is greatly encouraged.  One mind alone can make a thing happen, but many minds combined can make great things happen.  Take advantage of all the Women’s Council has to offer, from scholarships to referrals and relationship building.  Open the door to a successful 2018.