2017 Recruitment and Retention Contests

Thank you to all the networks that participated this year and congratulations to the winning networks! The top 3 networks in each category were recognized at the Thursday, May 17th Awards Reception in Washington DC.

And the winners are…

Recruitment Winners

1st - Greater Fresno (CA) with 415 Points
2nd - Placer County (CA) with 405 Points
3rd - Columbus (OH) with 350 Points

1st - Northern Wasatch (UT) with 540 Points
2nd - Long Beach (CA) with 375 Points
3rd - Miami-Dade (FL) with 360 Points

1st - Pensacola Bay Area (FL) with 875 Points
2nd - Chicago (IL) with 735 Points
3rd - Las Vegas (NV) with 430 Points

Retention Winners

1st - Fox Valley (WI) with 92.59% members renewing
2nd - Jefferson City Area (MO) with 92.31% members renewing
3rd - North Shore (IL) with 89.13% members renewing

1st - Sacramento (CA) with 83.67% members renewing
2nd - Tampa (FL) with 80.88% members renewing
3rd - Solano County (CA) with 80.77% members renewing

1st - Naples-On-the-Gulf (FL) with 81.48% members renewing
2nd - Pensacola Bay Area (FL) with 80.73% members renewing
3rd - Bonita Springs-Estero (FL) with 79.31% members renewing