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Network Websites: Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some commonly asked questions related to editing local network websites by local officers. It is recommended that the latest version of any web browser be used for the best experience.

How do I add a PayPal, Event Brite, or similiar e-commerce program links for my Events and Programs?

If you have a PayPal, Event Brite or similiar e-commerce programs, it's a good idea to include a link to your online registration for each event. To do this, follow these steps.

What is the recommended size for images on my network website?

Sponsor Logos: Between 200 and 300 pixels wide
Slideshow Photos: 716 pixels wide by 369 pixels tall
Event & Program Photos: 315 pixels wide by 167 pixels tall

Click here for more tips on website images.

Why are my sponsors not showing up?

Ensure that all required fields are entered for each sponsor. This includes adding a jpeg logo file for each sponsor. When a sponsor is added, their logo will appear at the bottom of your network website homepage, with a hyperlink to their website. Be sure to include the http:// when adding their company url. Also, it is recommended that you do not include spaces in the logo filename. So before adding sponsor logos to the site, remove spaces from the file name(s). For example, change "Womens Council.jpg" to "Womens_Council.jpg" or "WomensCouncil.jpg."

Can my old network website url be redirected to my new network website on

Yes. Please email for assistance.

How can I edit my network website if I'm not an officer?

Current officers have admin access automatically. In order for a member who is not an officer to have admin access to edit her network website, the network's local president would need to send a written request (email is fine) to Rob Miller at This access must be renewed annually.

How do I re-order my slideshow images?

When you are logged in to manage your slideshow, each image includes a field for "Date." Adjust the image date(s), and your images will display newest to oldest in your slideshow. 

Can I embed video on my network's website? 

Yes. When you are editing a content module, select "Insert" and "Video." Simply, plug in your video link from YouTube or a similar video hosting site.