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Managing Your Website Images

The image size for sponsor logos, event promo images and slideshow photos should be adjusted before the image is uploaded to your chapter website.

If Photoshop is not available, there are many image processing software products available. For example, there is a new, free program in the Chrome browser you can use called "Pixel Checker."

Sometimes, it can be tricky to make sponsor logos consistent when image size varies so much from sponsor to sponsor. Basically, the sponsor logo images should be between 200 and 300 pixels wide. Sometimes a logo that is very wide and narrow will display funny on the page. In that case, try to add "white space" to the top and bottom of the image. If you want to add more "white space" between logos, try out the "canvas size" tool in Photoshop, for example, before uploading the images.

sponsor_before        sponsor_after
Before   After (white space added)





After (white space added)


Please note, sponsor images are displayed in the order in which they are uploaded.

Recommended Image Sizes

Sponsor Logos: Between 200 and 300 pixels wide
Slideshow Photos: 716 pixels wide by 369 pixels tall
Event & Program Photos: 315 pixels wide by 167 pixels tall

If you experience any technical problems with uploading images to your chapter website, please contact