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New this year!!
Avoid the paperwork and submit your 2018 officers online. The deadline for your election is October 15th. And the submission deadline is November 3rd.
Click here to report your 2018 officers and directors online.

As a Local Network leader, I need to learn more about ...

The latest National, Regional and local Programs & Events !

How National Supports Networks

2018 Important Dates & Deadlines

Your Network bylaws: Located here under your Network's documents
Sample Standing Rules
Entrepreneur of the Year form
National, State or Regional Officer Invitation: Use this fill-in form to invite a national officer to your network. A checklist has been created to help you organize the visit.

What are Officers and Committees supposed to do?

Where are Education Planning and Recognition Resources?

Survey Members
Programming ideas and resources
Program Recognition

How do we manage meetings?

Governing Board Agenda
Head Table Chart
Program Agenda
Ideas for Networking Activities
Parliamentary Procedure
Example of Meeting Minutes

I need to know all about Membership...

First Year Member Communication Strategy
Membership Development
How to Process Member Renewals and Applications (separate from CMC) View PDF | Word doc
How to access up to the moment Chapter Management Center. Download reports of your national members. View PDF | Word doc
How to Recruit and Retain
List of Ideas

Member Communications samples:
Welcome email
New member recruitment letter
Previous member recruitment letter

Examples of New Member Orientations

Turn-key Tools

Check out these turnkey tools for network leaders to assist with your recruiting and retention efforts, including:

What Is Available for Communicating the Value of the Council and Marketing to Prospects

Key Messages
Take me to The Membership Marketing Kit

Women's Council Branding Guide

New! Women's Council 5-minute promotional video and 1.5-minute video for you to view and share at your meetings.

What Do We Need to Know About Website Content Management?

FAQ's from the Chapter/Network Management Center

Add a PayPal, Event Brite, or similiar e-commerce program link for Local Events and Programs

Add local affiliates to the Member Roster page

Recommended sizes for your local website:
Sponsor Logos: Between 200 and 300 pixels wide
Slideshow Photos: 716 pixels wide by 369 pixels tall
Event & Program Photos: 315 pixels wide by 167 pixels tall

Tips for managing website images in your Network's website.
Tips for managing your Sponsors on your Network's website.