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Practical Tips for Successful Negotiations

Everyone negotiates, whether for a better price on their new car, the terms of their employment contract or who’s going to take out the garbage. One of the key factors that separates average real estate salespeople from those at the top of their game is superior negotiation skills.
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It’s Time To Embrace Your Inner Bookworm

With the holidays quickly approaching, you’re likely swamped attempting to conquer an even larger task list than normal. There are the decorations to put up, turkey to buy, pictures to have taken, cards to mail, party to plan, invitations to send, elf to put on a shelf, and the list goes on. The holiday season can be an overwhelming season full of stress instead of merriment. It can also be a time to center yourself, keep your head in the game when no one else can manage to, and read more to improve your skills and get ahead in business.
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Women's Council Members Go to Spain - Making Friends, Changing Lives

Global real estate conferences like these, which focus on successful women who are all working toward a common goal of professionalism and great connections, are vital to the real estate industry. “It empowers us all to think globally.”
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The Inspection-Ready Home

A home inspection gives buyers an unbiased evaluation of the home’s condition. By taking some important steps to prepare the property for inspection, your sellers can avoid some basic problems that might otherwise affect a clean inspection report. Since a home in good condition can command a better price, they will benefit as well.
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There is No Fear in Truth

Fear. It’s scary, isn’t it? We dramatize it, even enable it to make it suffocate us into believing we are not capable of doing what we know we can do.
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Get Rewarded for Holiday Shopping

With the Women's Council Rewards Mall, you can wrap up your holiday gift list for less—and fill your own stocking, too!
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Call for eConnect Contributors

Women's Council is currently seeking members that are interested in contributing to eConnect for 2019. We invite national members to send us your best articles or ideas to newsletter@wcr.org for review.
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