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Elections Bylaws Project: The Council Continues to Make Changes to Move Forward

by Your Women's Council Leadership Team

Charities ArticleLast year, the Council underwent dramatic change by undergoing the most comprehensive bylaws overhaul in the Council’s history, as a result of launching the Chapter to Network program. Almost a year later, this overhaul has strengthened what is the largest Networks infrastructure in the REALTOR® family since 1940. The changes have been going smoothly and as a result, we’ve even seen some modest membership growth and retention. 

As we continue to modernize and evolve, we are bringing forth an initiative called the Bylaws Elections Initiative, which would shift the timeline of the nominations and elections of incoming officers. The slate for the new term would be announced in November (instead of the following May) and elections would in turn occur in May (instead of the following November). The initiative puts Women’s Council (National) on a timeline that local and state Networks currently follow, as well as the NAR. This initiative also provides for the Treasurer more time for training and preparation prior to assuming office, resulting in a smoother leadership team transition. 

While that paints the picture of what we are proposing, we've developed some easy-to-read information on the initiative via the attached fact sheet and frequently asked questions so that you as a national Governing Board member have all of the information. For national proposed bylaws amendments, click here.

Also, as voting procedures modernize, we’ll follow what is now a common industry standard of holding an electronic vote via a webinar that will take place on September 20, 2017 at 1:00pm CST. Details and a formal invite will follow, but all Governing Board members should mark their calendars and plan on participating. Note that Women’s Council bylaws permit electronic voting via Article V, sections 4, 6, and 7. Also, by approving the changes in September, we’ll be able to shift our elections cycle now, versus waiting another year. While we do not foresee these changes to be neither controversial nor detrimental to the Council in any way, we are happy to address any questions in advance of the meeting. Additionally, given the shift in elections and the short term compressed timeline, if you are thinking about running for Women's Council National office, and you have not yet declared your intent to run, get in touch with staff at membership@wcr.org to get the process started.

Finally, let us take this opportunity to tell you that there are many exciting things in store to share with you regarding the Council that we’ll report on in November in Chicago. Some work is being done on improving our Performance Management Designation (PMN) that we’ll be able to report on, and next year we’ll be embarking on a new strategic planning process, where important decisions will be made on the future of the Council. It's an exciting time to be part of the Council, and your leadership team is grateful for your service and trust you put in us. 

Your 2017 Leadership Team


Sherri Souza, PMN - National President 
Jo Ann Stevens, PMN - National President-elect
Heather Ozur, PMN - National First Vice President
Brenda Lee Szlachta, PMN – National Treasurer

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