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Eligible Candidates for Women's Council National Office 2024

The notification & confirmation of Eligible Candidates has been released by the Candidate Credentialing and Campaign Rules Committee as follows:


Kerri Hartnett (OR)


Tammy Noll (GA)


First Vice President:  
Cheryl Keller (CA)


Carolyn Altman (AZ)
Stacey Krolak (AZ)


National Liaisons:
Paige Brewer (FL)
Kay Merg (CA)
Peggie Pentecost (TX)
Lin Van Meter (MO)
Lisa Waldeck (NV)


These officers will be elected at the May 2023 Midyear Meetings and will be the first round of elections on the new credentialing process, approved in August 2021 and advised to membership in a March Council Corner issue.

This means that campaigns may now begin, culminating in the election at the Women's Council of REALTORS® Midyear Meeting in May 2023 and the term of office will begin mid-November 2023. Additionally, eligible candidates will deliver speeches at a 'Meet the Candidates' session at the National Conference in Orlando in November 2022 (during the Governing Board meeting).