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Exciting Proposed Bylaws Changes to Move The Council Forward

by Your Women's Council Leadership Team

We are delighted to announce that we are proposing some exciting changes for the Council at the Governing Board meeting on May 18, 2019, in Washington, D.C. 

Last November, when you approved our new 3-year strategic plan, one element of the plan was to continue to evolve the Women’s Council structure to ensure that each entity and role contributes in a meaningful way to the fulfillment of the Council mission.

For nearly 20 years, Women’s Council has explored how to maximize and streamline the important role of the Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs). Thanks to the work of member project teams over the past year, the proposal exists to streamline the regions from nine to three, while in turn elevating the role nationally with increased representation on both nominating and executive committees. Regional meetings would remain in place if desired, and at the national meetings, the gatherings would transform into caucuses. The dues structure would be eliminated by 2021, resulting in a net dues decrease for all members. The restructure and transformation of the RVP role to a National Liaison role would also bring proposed changes to nominating committee and process (as a result of the decrease in regions). Under the new proposal, the nominating committee would be more inclusive to other national committees and maximize representation to various key decision-making bodies. 

In addition to these structural changes, bylaws housekeeping changes are proposed including updating the mission statement which was approved last November, as well as changing terminologies of “chairman” to “chairperson”, a change that seems fitting -- and overdue!

Finally, we want you to fully understand these proposed bylaws changes so join us on Friday, May 17th from 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. to a session titled “Women's Council.... The Future is Now”. 2019 Regional Vice Presidents, Governors, State and Local Leaders are encouraged to attend, but the event is open to all attendees.

Additionally, we've developed some easy-to-read information on the RVP and nominating structural enhancements. Please view the below:

The proposed national bylaws changes/additions, which you can download below, are underlined and deletions are struck through. The strikethroughs, name changes, and rewording of terms reflect changes proposed by NAR's very capable legal affairs team.

For national proposed bylaws amendments, click here.

We appreciate your attention to these proposed changes. Please get in touch with anyone on the leadership team or staff with any questions, comments, and concerns.

Your 2019 Leadership team
Heather Ozur - National President
Brenda Lee Szlachta - National President-Elect
Pamela Banks - National First Vice President
Sylvia Seabolt - National Treasurer

Note: this article is a formal notice of a proposed bylaws change and complies with article XI, section 1 of the national bylaws