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April Renewal Reminder!

If you have already renewed your dues, thank you - We are looking forward to being your business leadership partner in 2020! Your membership benefits are only a click away.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are extending the dues renewal deadline to May 1, 2020.  We do realize that members are being severely impacted by the current situation. Please visit our virtual events page for our robust calendar of tools, resources, and member value to assist during this time.   

Final dues reminders will be mailed and emailed in April to all members who have not yet paid. If you need your customized renewal link to be resent, please email wcr@wcr.org with a subject line: Dues Invoice Request, and we can resend you the link. You can also renew by calling our headquarters at 1-800-245-8512. 

Thank you for your continued investment in Women's Council and for being the best in the business!

Navigating These Uncharted Waters

We are all facing a situation that is unfamiliar to us. We have zero experience and we don’t know what will happen. We are in uncharted waters and circumstances are outside our control. The question is how are you going to react? Are you going to rationalize why it’s okay to not show up for your business? Or are you going to take a stand, fight for your business, and ensure its survival through this global crisis?

Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

We already know that handwashing is crucially important to our wellness….but there are further preventative measures to take your health to a new level this season.  


Tech Know

"The best technology is the one you will use"

Featuring: Cheryl Knowlton, PMN  (UT)


Virtual Benefits

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we've been working hard to bring you virtual events every day. With new Podcasts, virtual happy hours, book clubs, education, eNewsletters, social media and more, we don't want you to miss a minute! Take a look at our new Virtual Benefits page to see everything that we're offering. At Women's Council, we are always dedicated to your success, and we will continue to offer building blocks so you can keep growing your business and network.

Women’s Council Proposed Bylaws Cleanup

We realize that 2019 contained a dizzying amount of bylaws changes.  From elections, nominating, re-structure of regions, and state networks, the Council is settling into a new framework for the time being.  

NAR Is Providing 2 Months of TeleHealth Access to Members

In response to the current health crisis, NAR is funding 2-months of access to Members TeleHealth at no cost to their members, via the Right Tools, Right Now program. You must sign up by April 15.

Women's Council Midyear Meeting Goes Virtual

Women's Council will no longer be holding a live Midyear Meeting. We will be holding a virtual Midyear Meeting over the same meeting dates, including sessions, governance meetings, and elections.  Click here to register for our virtual conference and courses and to read Women's Council's LIVE Midyear Meeting Registration Refund Procedures. 

Women's Council National Conference Registration

Join Women’s Council, November 11-15, 2020 at the New Orleans Marriott to ignite your business leadership skills, discover new approaches to grow your business and strengthen your network all while engaging with your Women’s Council community. The Conference is held in conjunction with NAR's REALTORS Conference & Expo. Registration opening date will be announced soon. 

Upcoming Events

Online |

Wealth, Health, Self Power Week & National Conference

At Women's Council, we care about your overall success. #LeadersMadeHere means a holistic life bringing together wealth, health and self for a dynamic power week to round out a challenging 2020 and to get take-home tools to face 2021 head on!  This is not your typical conference but we know this is not your typical year! All events will be virtual.


Online | Nov. 2, 2020

PMN Pop-up Course: Face-Off, Game On! Your Ultimate 2021 Playbook

Featuring: Leigh Brown & Juanita McDowell
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Central Time
It's time to put 2020 behind us and get ready to knock it out of the park in 2021. From goal setting to business planning and managing your personal sphere to making more money, this course will provide you with the tools you need to reflect, refocus and realign your priorities for the coming year. Anyone can set goals and write them down, but the trick is getting them to “stick” – working on them until they become a reality.  You'll learn the "Get Sticky" formula that focuses on six simple steps that, when executed properly, will provide a blueprint for accomplishing any goals in business and life.