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Best Real Estate Software & Tools for Top Agents in 2020

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If you want to succeed as a real estate agent in 2020, having the proper intuition and skill is important. However, with this being the age of the Internet, you also need to have the right tools and software for the job. The past decade has seen the development of plenty of software designed to help the top real estate agents do their job better and more efficiently — and we’re going to showcase some of the more famous ones right here!


In real estate, closing is the most important part — it’s the moment you’re working towards as an industry professional. However, especially today, the road towards this goal is riddled with menial tasks that no one likes doing —- administration and office management that simply takes too much of your time.

Software like Brokermint is there to change all of that. Brokermint’s advantage is not only that it’s a great real estate software tool for back-office management; but also it’s got great integrative capabilities with the most famous software solutions out there. All of that stuff all of us use in our professional lives, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. — it works flawlessly with Brokermint. And it gets better than that — the software works with other real estate tools, such as Propertybase. 

The devs are extremely capable and dedicated to the ultimate user experience. If you want to use Brokermint with another piece of software that they haven’t integrated yet, they’ll actually do a custom integration for you if it’s possible.

This platform has plenty of features that most real estate agents will find highly useful — branding, agent management, data analytics, commission reports, management of transactions, etc. This is the piece of software your real estate agency needs to leave clunky Excel tables in the dust — you can have everything you need in a clean, neat interface that’s easy to use even if you’re not a computer whizz.

Naturally, no software is perfect — and Brokermint does have a few minor flaws. For instance, the templates they offer for reports aren’t the best that we’ve seen, and their customizability leaves room for improvement. 


Many people want their real estate software to contain a specific feature — and Dotloop is definitely one such platform. The point of this software is transaction management, and that’s the feature that the developers primarily focused on. We need to point out that their work in this regard is by far the finest we’ve seen. 

This app has amazing design not just by real estate software standards, but compared to apps created for other purposes as well. For instance, Dotloop is available on both iOS and Android devices as a mobile app; meaning you can manage your transactions on the go as well. 

Another thing Dotloop does extremely well is team collaboration; this process is made effortless by the app’s reporting tools and activity logs that give you a neat overview of a client and a transaction. There’s no need to keep all of the information in your head — Dotloop is there to provide easy access to crucial info whenever you find yourself needing it. 

The application even has options for editing Word and Excel documents; though this feature is not extremely well developed, and most people still use external third-party software for that. Also, if you want to process files that aren’t in the PDF format, some users suggest you may run into bugs and formatting issues. Still, that’s a tiny flaw in an otherwise extremely useful piece of software. 

Real Geeks

In the world of real estate, you’re not just selling properties — as a real estate agent, you also need to pitch yourself. After all, the competition out there is huge, and having the most dazzling marketing is a part of the game. In 2020, one thing is clear — if you want to make it big in real estate, you’ve got to have a website. Most real estate agencies have one nowadays, and a web design that is attractive and user-friendly goes a long way towards showing how professional your agency is to potential clients. 

That’s why software solutions like Real Geeks exist — so that you can create your own real estate website without going through a lot of trouble. If you were to try learning web design manually and on your own, it would take months or even years. Luckily, dedicated platforms such as Real Geeks give you an easy to use interface to do the job far quicker. 

This is a marketing-focused platform, giving you all the help you need to achieve the sky-high conversion rates that we’re all after. Real Geeks helps you come up with professional-grade landing pages that immediately set the tone of your professionality. There are templates for all kinds of real-estate related landing pages; home valuations, property pages, agent advertisements, etc. 

If you want to further customize the premade page templates, you can do that easily with the Real Geeks visual editor. Almost every element on a page can be adjusted to what you want it to be; the software is made for customization. If you want a real-estate-focused CRM platform, Real Geeks does that job as well. 

The only problem with this piece of real estate software is the fact that its search engine optimization (SEO) options are somewhat limited; definitely a problem in 2020. However, you can always export your website to a more SEO-friendly content management platform like WordPress and continue editing there; though we do wish that Real Geeks would offer more in that vein as well.